A Chat With ECBC Trappers Coach Ethan Elias

With all the hullabaloo surrounding the Edmonton Prospects and Dr. Randy Gregg’s soon-to-be baseball team, here is your reminder that another team plays at Re/Max Field. That team is the Edmonton Collegiate Baseball Club, also known as the ECBC Trappers. I asked Coach Ethan Elias a few questions about their status amongst the hullabaloo but first some details about the ECBC Trappers in case you are not familiar with them.

The ECBC play in the Canadian College Baseball Conference (CCBC). Straight from their website, “The CCBC, a division of the Premier Baseball Association, is an independent college baseball league that is affiliated with institutions from The BC College Athletic Association and educational institutions from Alberta.”

On the ECBC website is an article named “5 W’s Answered About The Edmonton Collegiate Baseball Club” written shortly before the 2019 Spring season. This was their answer to the question, who are you? “Student Athletes from Grant MacEwan, U of A, Concordia, and NAIT make up our team. Central Alberta athletes with possible Saskatchewan athletes in the future. As with any collegiate program, we are here to help open future doors for our athletes.”

The Spring season is played mid-March through Mid-May with games typically played in doubleheaders. You can understand why the 2020 edition of the league was cancelled as those timelines are parallel to the current pandemic.

Boys putting in work. Picture originally posted on Win Column Sports.

Naturally then my first question for Coach Elias was to describe the process and emotions of having to cancel the spring season of ECBC?

COACH ELIAS: Having to cancel this season is obviously disappointing. However the health and safety of our players is paramount and it was out of our hands from Day 1. The professionals in the Health and safety field made it very obvious that having a season this year would be irresponsible and potentially dangerous for our players and our fans.

What was your relationship with the Edmonton Prospects specifically regarding Re/Max field?

COACH ELIAS: We are very thankful to the Edmonton Prospects organization with hats off to Ryan Jagoe and Pat Cassidy for their support.

Do you have a comment about Dr. Randy Gregg and his 10 year lease of Re/Max Field? Do you feel ECBC will still be welcome at the Park?

COACH ELIAS: I have the upmost confidence in Randy and his team to grow the game of baseball in Edmonton. Randy spoke at our Dinner at The Diamond Fundraiser and I believe we will have a very strong relationship moving forward as we share the same desire to keep baseball in the River Valley at Re/Max Field. I am excited for whats to come and the City should be also.

I did ask for inside information about the potential of the ECBC Trappers fall season, which runs September through October, but with no answer to give we will all have to find out together.

Thanks Coach for the text message interview. Hopefully in September we can talk in person at the ballpark.




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