Catching Up With Sr B Miners Lacrosse Coach Vay Diep

For Sr B Miners Coach Vay Diep the hope to win comes with a certain expectation. The Sr. B Miners have won provincials and went to the Presidents’ Cup in 2010, 2011, 2014(Bronze), 2016(Gold), 2017 (Gold), 2018 (Gold) and 2019.

With the Miners hosting the next Presidents’ Cup and the sports world in a bit of lull currently due to the pandemic, what a perfect time to ask Coach Diep a few questions:

Q) Prior to the pandemic becoming everyone’s main focus, how are you personally dealing with and helping players deal with moving past the fact that after winning three consecutive Presidents’ Cups, the Miners lost in the bronze-medal playoff in last year’s Presidents Cup tournament?

A) Me personally I have  been busy with work. I’m very fortunate to have a great leadership group, the players have had numerous Zoom meetings, virtual poker nights, watching film. I haven’t participated, as I’m taking advantage to get my golf in.

Q) The Presidents’ Cup has been confirmed to stay with the Miners Organization heading into next year. How does it affect the mindset of players and coaches knowing you are hosting the prestigious tournament?

A) Our mindset every season is to ensure that the players, coaches, organization is focused on being prepared for a National Championship run.  With Covid-19, it will now allow us more time to tie up loose ends on the Presidents’ Cup organization side , more time for the players to train, get healthy from lagging injuries. A bit of a blessing in disguise.

Q) What now? What is the status between coach and players in a time when you cannot gather as a group?

A) It’s a bit of an extended off season feeling. When we are allowed back together as a group, I can ensure you the first floor time back will be unreal. You’ve got athletes that are ready to go, can’t wait for that day.

A big thank you to Coach Diep for his responses. In an uncertain world, we certainly do miss the normalcy that sports brings to us. I look forward to being able to do these interviews face-to-face instead of through e-mail.

Editor’s Note: The photo credit for the cover image is from August 1, 2018

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