Catching Up With The Sr B Beaumont Outlaws Lacrosse Club

On June 1st, the seemingly inevitable news came from the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League (RMLL) that the 2020 season has been cancelled.
How does one put a positive spin on that? This means we all have a year to get better acquainted with the three Edmonton and area Senior B teams and our one Junior A team.
Today we chat with Stu Sterparn, President of the Senior B Beaumont Outlaws Lacrosse Club.
Q) Prior to the pandemic, what would you say was the Outlaws outlook heading into 2020 coming off a 7-9 season only a year removed from a 3-15 season?
A) Extremely positive, we know as we continue to build, the hard work will translate to more wins. We also know the RMLL has a lot of parity right now and really anyone can win any given night. We had been preparing for close games.
Q) While the season is cancelled the Presidents’ Cup is staying in Alberta for 2021. Does that have any effect on how you prepare for the season?
A) Certainly with Alberta hosting the National Championship we look to put out a strong line up. We were ready for 2020, we will show up in 2021 ready for that opportunity again.
Q) Last season for the first time since May 31, 2013, the Outlaws beat the Miners. Also notable from last year was that the Outlaws beat the Warriors in their first three meetings which ended a two year drought against them. Is that something the players in the locker room know and use as motivation?  Does all this fuel positivity for the future?
A) Nice to get the W that night, look towards the next one! Most of our players now are too young for history. It has been full circle over the past 13 years since we won our second Presidents’ Cup. Our staff is pleased to have rebuilt back to a place where we are very competitive in the Alberta league again. But we also know the road to the National title isn’t an easy one. The next time lacrosse is played in this province at a Sr level we expect the league to be extremely close between all teams. Outlaws future is solid, we are a young team that is ready for some big games.
To finish this interview off, please give us some insight into your 2020 draft class:
  • Brett Oorhas basically been on the Outlaws draft radar since birth, his father Erin was a long time Edmonton Outlaw and Presidents Cup winner in 02. Brett is a hard nosed defender, that knows the game, fits in well with our dressing room & can provide another layer of depth to our back gate. 
  • Maurice Kellya big strong lefty that can score. Does a ton of little things right and has skills that will translate very well into the men’s game.
  • Braedan Duckwortha crafty righty who also has the incredible ability to find the back of the net. Braedan will be a welcomed addition to our offence.

Jordan Kosedy is also a big kid that could find a spot on our defence (JrB Crude), Chase Burkholder will be working to find a spot on the O (Titans Tier2). Nathan Davison -defence (Titans Tier2) , Hunter Wakaruk -defence (Outlaws JrB), Mike Tokar -offence (Outlaws JrB), Levi Bluestein -offence (Titans Tier2), and Will Vasilios -defence (Outlaws JrB) all have a great opportunity to play Sr B lacrosse if they show up in shape, ready to battle for wins every night.

Thank you kindly Mr. Sterparn. Here’s looking forward to fulfilled potential in 2021.

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