Erin And Brett Oor, Dad And Son Outlaws

Sometimes the script writes itself. When Stu Sterparn, the President of the Sr B Beaumont Outlaws Lacrosse Club, started his description of 2020 draft pick Brett Oor with, “has basically been on the Outlaws draft radar since birth, his father Erin was a long time Edmonton Outlaw and Presidents Cup winner in 02″, I immediately knew my next phone call. But first, research.

“Erin is counsel at Bryan & Company and practises general corporate and commercial law.” For the Greater Edmonton Lacrosse Council (GELC) website he wrote an article detailing the lacrosse successes of his daughter Sarah. Here’s a cheat note from the phone call, his daughter Emily is very good at rugby.

It was noted that Erin played for the Outlaws, here is some backstory on the Club. In their first year, 1999, they won the provincials and represented Alberta in the Presidents Cup (the Senior B National Championship tournament). Whether they were known as Edmonton or Sherwood Park (now Beaumont) the Outlaws would represent Alberta from 2001-2008, winning the Presidents’ Cup in 2002 and 2007. Erin was a member of the original Outlaws team and a proud member of the 2002 Championship team.

Let’s bring in Erin with the simple statement, talk about lacrosse and family.

“I was a part of the inception of the Outlaws. We started in 1999 as a player run, player organized team. A group of guys that loved lacrosse, loved the game. Loved being with each other and just wanted to play at the highest level.

In 2002 and 2007, Brett and the girls were able to be at those Presidents Cup game. In 2002, Sarah, and now husband Dave Lehman (current member of the Outlaws), were down on the floor throwing the ball. In 2007, two days after we moved to Ontario the kids were in attendance for the Presidents’ Cup in Owen Sound.

As a dad, it is a great feeling to have your kids there watching you. For all three to be there, after all the hard work…it was special.”

Let’s meet Brett Oor…

Accolades: 2015 Rookie of the Year -Jr A Miners, member of the Team Alberta Field Lacrosse team

“I played with the St. Albert Rams until Tyke then we moved to Ontario from 2007-2014. Played Box Lacrosse with Uxbridge and Field Lacrosse with the Newmarket Redbirds. Was a member of the “Edge travel team” which helped open the door to the NCAA and Belmont Abbey.

In my 5 years with the Jr A Miners, i prided myself in playing hard and being hard to play against. I have had the privilege to coach with Mike Seidel, Dave Lehman , Bryce Wells and A.J. Pellis (three of the four listed names were top five scorers in 2019 with the Outlaws). I feel that will help make it easier to fit into the Outlaws locker room quickly.

I would call myself a stay at home defenseman. Playing two ways (both offense and defense) growing up through lacrosse, I always prided myself on the defensive end. I always wanted to match-up versus their best guy to see if I could hold him to zero.”

Let’s ask the young man a couple questions:

Q) In Box Lacrosse, you are a defender. In Field Lacrosse you are an attacker. These two positions literally could not be anymore different. Please explain this and the dynamic of playing both styles of lacrosse.

A) Box lacrosse has a lot of play in tight so you pickup a little bit of a different skill set with your stick. It’s unique to Box so playing Americans who focused on Field this skill set is best suited for attacker.

When I was young playing box always helped me with field lacrosse. It was box lacrosse that earned me my opportunity to go the US and be a part of good program. Now that I’m getting older, the 4 years of having a stick in my hand constantly practicing 2-2.5 hours a day at College, helped me stay sharp. While other players were coming off nine month layoffs, I’m coming back off of 9 months of playing lacrosse.

Not going against long poles anymore (defenders in field lacrosse use 6 foot sticks) will definitely be a treat.

Q) 10 penalty minutes in 10 regular season games in the RMLL last season. 59 Penalty minutes in 4 playoff games in 2019. Please explain.

When I came back from school, I was on my best behaviour. When the playoffs started and a couple of games got out of hand, I took it upon myself to remind the other team there were still games to be played.

Q) You were named to the 2020 Conference Carolinas Men’s Lacrosse all-conference team as a part of the Belmont Abbey program that was ranked 4th in the country and according to the strength of schedule rankings, number 1. With the remainder of your senior season cancelled due to the pandemic, how does this affect you?

A) The NCAA was good about about the situation offering a “rollover year” but I declined so I could stay home and focus on my career with the Outlaws and life outside of lacrosse.

Thank you Erin and Brett for your time.

As I mentioned during our phone call, it was very cool looking at the 2002 Presidents Cup winning roster of the Outlaws and seeing the current Club’s President (Stu Sterparn) and Coach (Dean Lovgren). I can only imagine that very cool will only be one of the emotions that Dad will feel watching his son playing for his former club.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks Mr Sterparn for the amazing cover photo of the Oor family.

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