There Is Still Hope For An Edmonton Stingers Season

On May 22nd the Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) sent out an official statement regarding the prospects of playing the 2020 season. The eye-catching part of the statement:

“While nothing has been ruled out at this point, we are presently focused on exploring what may be possible with a single-site tournament event in Ontario.”

On June 15th the league are beloved Edmonton Stingers play in issued a massive update. Here’s the eye-catching part:

“The league is now focused exclusively on a multi-week tournament that would see all seven clubs convene in a single location in Ontario to play a round robin slate of games culminating in a single elimination playoff that will determine the 2020 league champion. While specifics are still to be finalized, the CEBL is in discussions with Niagara area officials about the availability of the Meridian Centre in St. Catharines for the second half of July and August. All plans must conform to the phased-in re-opening measures taken by the province throughout the coming weeks.”

The “glass half empty” reaction to the news might be sadness because you will be unable to attend a Stingers game at The Hive. The “glass half full” reaction is that the CEBL is doing everything in their power to give us basketball fans what we want, basketball.

The update on the tournament also came with the news that the Championship Weekend, which was awarded to Edmonton to host this August 14-16, has been moved.

“We appreciate the support of Edmonton Events, a strategic partnership between the City of Edmonton and Edmonton Tourism, and the Edmonton EXPO Centre and share their disappointment in the lost opportunity to hold Championship Weekend in Edmonton this year,” Morreale added. “We look forward to future hosting opportunities in Alberta’s capital in front of our incredible fans.”

Here is your reminder that the “glass half empty”, “glass half full” scenario I used earlier also comes with the following option, the glass is refillable! Edmonton will get another chance to host Championship Weekend.

Per CBC Sports:

“Under the updated timeline, teams would report to training camp starting July 15 and begin a round-robin tournament beginning in late July. The plan is to have two games played per day, one in the afternoon and one at night.

Six of the seven teams would qualify for a playoff, with the championship game proposed for mid-August….

While there are no official plans just yet to broadcast the games should they happen, the CEBL has a partnership with CBC Sports through 2022, making the public broadcaster the premier media partner of Canada’s only First Division professional basketball league.”

As a Stingers fan, you hope that CBC Sports covers all the games whether it be television or streamed online. This Stingers fan is excited about the prospect of watching basketball again. A win on the road has always been the same value as a win at home so cheering for the good guys from far away does not dampen my enthusiasm. If championship aspirations are met by our hometown squad, being three provinces away does not diminish the feat.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we get a season.

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