An Interview With A Literal Lacrosse Twitter Warrior

If your team name is the Edmonton Sr. B Warriors and you run the team’s Twitter account, that literally makes you a “lacrosse Twitter Warrior”. That’s your explanation for the title.

This will not be an interview featuring “hot takes” normally associated with the term “twitter warrior”. This is about fun! Something I believe we can all use a little bit more of in our lives. The perfect example of this is the following retweet by the Club.

I was told the identity of the Sr. B Warriors Twitter account handler but I believe it is more fun to keep that to myself. I will give everyone a hint, his last name is Bourret. Let’s get straight to the interview.

1) Being a twitter account for a sports team during a pandemic, do you have goals in mind for how often you send out a tweet or retweet something? Does the concept of time apply to you since the season has been cancelled?

Since the pandemic it’s mostly just retweeting what the league has been sharing, ideally retweeting or sending out a tweet once a week for right now, given the state of the world. As time goes on we’ll be looking to post more about what the players have been up to, and tapping into more creative ways to promote our team without a season in 2020.

2) Before tweeting, what do you do to warm up? Does diet play an important role in staying on top of your social media game as it does in sport? Do you make sure you have enough sleep?

Before tweeting it’s important to follow the Zombieland survival rule number 7 : “LIMBER UP”! Diet plays a huge role in performing well on your social media game. Carbs on carbs!

3) In the past we have seen social media accounts from “the big four” of sports play against each other in games like “x’s and o’s”. If you were to challenge a team to play a game strictly through twitter, what game would you choose and which opponent?

If there was any team we could play Via twitter playing the Edmonton Oilers would be pretty fun.

Keeping it in the lacrosse world , the GSI Grizzlies from Grimstad, Norway.

Locally it would be the St. Albert Miners, we love to hate each other in a competitive manner.

4) When lacrosse returns, what areas of social media’ing do you look to improve upon? What training will you do during this extended off-season to achieve these goals?

Being more active would be a huge one thereby showing the personality of the team. Lacrosse is so much more than just a sport, it’s a family. We’d like to showcase the players of the team off the floor.

Biggest thing during the extended off-season is studying what other teams have been doing and taking a few concepts from other teams and implementing into our social media game.

Thank you Mr. Bourret for participating in the interview, hopefully we made a few people smile.

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