We Will Have An Edmonton Stingers Season

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? This statement really never applied to sports until this year as the pandemic took away something I never thought would, never mind actually could, be taken away from me – home games.

The Canadian Elite Basketball League earlier this week delivered on their plan of a single site tournament that will be the 2020 season.

 The teams from Ottawa, Hamilton, Guelph, Edmonton, Saskatchewan (Saskatoon), and Fraser Valley (Abbotsford) will join the hometown Niagara River Lions on July 15 for the opening of each team’s training camp. While the game schedule will be announced at a later date, the 26-game CEBL Summer Series tips off Saturday, July 25. Each club will play the other once, and the team with the worst record will be eliminated and the remaining six will be seeded into a bracket. The third and sixth seeds, and the fourth and fifth seeds, will face each other for the right to advance to the semifinals against the first and second-seeded teams. The CEBL Championship game is scheduled for Sunday, August 9.
As the premier media partner of the CEBL, CBC Sports will offer live streams of all games to audiences across Canada via the free CBC Gem streaming service, cbcsports.ca and the CBC Sports app for iOS and Android devices. CBC will also provide broadcast coverage of select games, with details to be revealed in the coming weeks. The CEBL and CBC announced a three-year partnership on November 26, 2019 that includes broadcast and streaming coverage each season.

From Edmonton Stingers President Brett Fraser’s interview with TSN 1260’s Dave Jamieson when asked how this will work for a team from Edmonton:

“In essence it is almost a jury sequester. We are off to St. Catharines and we will be playing at the Meridian Centre. We have a training center that is nearby within walking distance and we have our hotel compound within walking distance. It is very well close knit so that we will be, obviously for health reasons, making sure we stay within our proverbial bubble. So yes it will be a different dynamic in that regard in keeping everybody together for over a month but we think it is worth it. Our players are in, our managers are in, our league has done a tremendous amount of work to try to not only produce a season for 2020 but now pivoting into a summer series which is also going to be very exciting and something to stay on top off during July and August.”

What To Do As Fans

As await the schedule release, we can circle Saturday July 25th and Sunday July 26th on our calendars as it is almost guaranteed the team will begin play one of those nights. The question becomes how do we gather to watch the games?

Presuming CBC picks up the games, will local pubs put the Stingers games up on their screens? If they do, are you comfortable going out to a pub to watch the game?

Per Dr. Deena Hinshaw about the expected Canada Day Celebrations in a few days:

“”COVID-19 loves a party so we can’t let our guard down,” she said.

She suggests celebrating outside where the risk of contracting the virus is lower, and avoiding barbecues and potlucks.”

Sounds to me like if we were to gather a few friends over at home to watch the game it becomes bring your own beverage and bring your own snack. While we should not share our snacks we can still share a good time together watching the game through the deck door or  with a tablet/laptop perched on a patio table.

However we watch the games, show your support loud and proud so our Stingers can hear you 3,298.6 kilometres away. It is so nice to have something to cheer about again.

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