Hey Edmonton Wildcats, Is There Going to be a 2020 Football Season?

“The Prairie Football Conference (PFC) and Canadian Junior Football League (CJFL) are all hoping there will be some form of a season.  At this time we are preparing for a season in late August or early September. 

With the province shifting into stage 2, we can begin with limited team practices under specific restrictions. Groups must remain less than 50 per cohort including coaches. At this point we will look at setting out 3 cohort groupings.

  1. Defensive Backs and Linebackers
  2. Receivers, Quarterbacks, and Running Backs
  3. Offensive and Defensive Linemen plus Kickers

Our Athletic Trainers are tasked with ensuring players and coaches remain in their designated groups.  As we continue to plan for a football season, we all wait and see what information and guidelines come down from our respective Provincial Medical Officers (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba) and our governing sport organizations.  The CJFL, Football Canada and the PFC are all working closely together to continue rolling out directives for amateur football.   

It will be a tricky process considering transmission, travel, social distancing, disinfecting all equipment and so on.  Plenty of variables must be considered in order to safely launch a football season for players, coaches and staff.  Thankfully Canadians as a whole have done a tremendous job following guidelines and limiting the transmission of COVID-19.  Fingers crossed, as Canadians continue their efforts we just might be in a good spot for some football.”

Sometimes when you ask a “simple question” like “Is there going to be a 2020 football season” you realize the answer is not simple. General Manager Garnet Brown of the Edmonton Wildcats, in the face of a yes-or-no question, gave an honest answer reminding us that the return of sport during this pandemic is anything but straightforward.

Daydreaming of Football

Scrolling through the last five seasons, the Wildcats season opener has been played on dates ranging through August 12th to August 18th. The regular season has ended on dates ranging from October 11th to October 20th.

Let’s daydream a little bit here. As a CFL fan, I clamour for a Labor Day return. What if that weekend becomes the return of the CJFL?

The Edmonton Wildcats have 5 teams in their conference. One would presume the league would like a regular season schedule to consist of each team meeting at least once. That would accumulate to more than 50% of a “normal” regular season which is eight games.

As a fan, I would be perfectly happy if the season only started a couple weeks late and was able to head out to Clarke Park a couple times to support my team. How about you?

Back to Reality

With the hopeful “when” the CJFL returns to play, the Wildcats will feature a new defensive coordinator and offensive coordinator. Per the team announcements:

“The Edmonton Wildcat Football Club is pleased to announce the hiring of Paul Schwartz as our Defensive Coordinator for the 2020 season.  Coach Schwartz was a 5 year Wildcat before going on to begin his teaching and coaching career with the Ardrossan Bisons.  For 21 years Coach Schwartz was a mainstay for Ardrossan, quietly building one of the best programs in the province of Alberta.  Throughout his time at Ardrossan the Bisons competed in 11 provincial finals, winning 5 of them….”

“It is with great excitement that the Edmonton Wildcats welcome Kavis Reed to the team as the Offensive Coordinator! Kavis brings with him years of experience as a coach and General Manager in the CFL. The former Edmonton Eskimo has spent the majority of past playing career supporting and putting a spotlight on amateur football in the Edmonton area using his many platforms….He will oversee the offense during the 2020 season and will be reunited with former teammate Blake Dermott, who is also currently on the staff.”

To echo GM Brown’s earlier thought, here’s hoping Canadians continue to do a tremendous job limiting the transmission of the Corona Virus and that we can all enjoy some socially distanced football together. A big thank you to Mr. Brown for chatting with me.

Another thank you:

Thanks Edmonton, Edmonton Sports Fans is ranked number 25 in the Feedspot, “Top 40 Edmonton Blogs & News Websites To Follow in 2020”

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