Richard Lachlan, Sr B Miners Leading Scorer And Jr A Miners Assistant Coach

Certainly not to be undermined, but anytime you can bring in assistants like John (Lintz) did in the likes of the “best defensive player in the world “ in Ryan Dilks and one of the purest goal scorers in the game today in Richard Lachlan, the Miners have set themselves up for success and getting back to the Minto Cups of yester years.” said lacrosse Hall of Famer Todd Lorenz.

Very high praise for Richard Lachlan, second year assistant coach of the St. Albert Jr A Miners and four-year player for the St Albert Sr B Miners.

Let’s talk a look at his stat lines from his time in the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League (RMLL) and in his President’s Cup appearances with the Miners.

Games Played Goals Assists
2019 Miners Regular Season 12 33 52
2019 Provincial Playoffs 4 13 19
2019 President’s Cup 8 21 17
2018 Miners Regular Season 16 51 52
2018 Provincials 6 23 10
2018 President’s Cup 8 17 17
2017 Miners Regular Season 14 62 28
2017 Provincials 5 12 5
2017 President’s Cup 9 34 17
2016 Miners Regular Season 15 36 26
2016 Provincials 5 10 11
2016 President’s Cup 5 15 12

What you do not see on Mr. Lachlan’s lacrosse card is that he led the RMLL in scoring the past two seasons.  What is plain to see in his stats is regular season, Provincials or the President’s Cup, the man just brings it!

Let’s ask Richard about his initial training camp with the Miners back in 2016:

Anytime you start with a new team you definitely have to earn your stripes. This is even more true when it comes to a team that is as talented and has had as much success as the Miners have enjoyed. A large part of the team’s success is how hard we work and how close we are as a family, due to this nothing is ever handed to you and you have to prove yourself every practice and game. With that being said I knew what I could offer the team and had goals of what I wanted to achieve and how to get there and was excited to show the club.
How different was the atmosphere going from local rinks to the President’s Cup rinks?
The atmosphere at President’s Cup is amazing and a step up from regular season games. It is always fun playing in front of a packed arena and feeling the momentum change after a big goal. Winning the first President’s Cup in Leduc in front of all our family and friends was very special.
Your stats went from goal heavy to trending towards assists first, is this you adjusting to the role the team needed you to play or just happenstance?
Honestly this is just a testament to how deep and talented our team is. I think in the first couple years I maybe flew under the radar as the league was used to the Cornfield’s (Jordan and Graedon), Nearsy (Darren Kinnear) and the rest of the team scoring the goals. As teams changed their strategy it opened up the floor for me to be more of a playmaker and we have a ton of guys that can put the ball in the net.
Prior to arriving on the Alberta scene you played in the Western Lacrosse Association (WLA). What prompted you to play in Alberta?
I played my Junior A lacrosse for the Port Coquitlam Saints and then Senior A for the Bellies (New Westminster Salmonbellies) from 2013-2015. There was an opportunity for work that came up and it relocated me to Edmonton during the WLA championships against Victoria. I flew in for the games in that series which we ended up losing. I have lived in Edmonton ever since (late August 2015) and played the 2016 season with the Miners and have been here ever since.

With the National Lacrosse League (NLL), you have experienced the high of signing a contract and the low of being caught in a numbers game. Please take us through that roller coaster of emotions.

Being signed to an NLL contract has been a dream of mine and something I’ve been working towards since I was a kid. Signing that contract and being able to go battle for a position on Vancouver in 2013 and 2018 and Halifax in 2019 was incredible. Unfortunately, as you mentioned I didn’t make the final roster which was disappointing but has led me to work harder and continue evolving my game. Getting the phone call saying you won’t be moving forward stings as you work so hard and make great relationships with the guys on the team. But the important message is the feedback you get from the coaches on how you can make that next step and hopefully get the job next year.

Last Question – Almost a calendar year before the presumptive re-start of the RMLL, how do prepare yourself for the 2021 Sr B season that includes the added pressure of being the host location of the President’s Cup? As assistant coach of the Jr A Miners how do you keep your message strong with your team?

This is an unprecedented situation with no playbook. We as Lacrosse players have dedicated every summer to the game so not being able to play and coach is a weird feeling. Preparing for the Presidents Cup with the Sr B team, nothing changes other than not being able to hit the floor this summer. The important thing is staying in shape and keeping your stick in your hands. Additionally, making sure we are still connecting as a program as the culture of this Club is the main ingredient to its success in my eyes.
The message is very similar with the Juniors. A Junior career is only 5 years, so the window to compete for a Minto Cup is small compared to the Senior level. You have to make sure everyone is still buying in and staying in shape for the next season.
Thank you Richard for taking the time to participate. We all miss live lacrosse but hopefully this interview fills a little bit of that gap.

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