Until Wearing A Face Mask Is A Law, Please Agree to Disagree

What does it mean to agree to disagree? Oversimplified it means person A has a certain belief that is the opposite of person B but they do not allow it to become a problem amongst them. An easy example is person A puts the toilet paper roll on with the paper going forward while person B puts the roll on with the paper going backward.

I am the record for saying “wear the face mask” when it comes to attending live sports. I do not wear a mask while driving, working or grocery shopping. Why? It is not a rule or a law, it is just a suggestion. I wear a mask at Real Canadian Wrestling (RCW) events because it is a rule, even though it is treated as a suggestion.

Let’s grab some dictionary meanings for words in bold font from that last paragraph:

  • Rule: “one of a set of explicit or understood regulations or principles governing conduct within a particular activity or sphere.”
  • Suggestion: “an idea or plan put forward for consideration”
  • Law: “the system of rules which a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and which it may enforce by the imposition of penalties”

Recently CTV did a piece on RCW as they are the first live event performing in front of fans. Despite their being a sign on the door stating that masks must be worn, the lack of fans wearing masks was noted.

Let’s be honest with each other, without the face mask wearing rule being a law the only punishment available is being removed from the event. Removing a 1/3 of your crowd for not wearing a mask is suicide for your business. That’s why I said earlier it is a rule that comes across as a suggestion because it simply cannot be enforced.

In my first attempt at dealing with this sensitive subject, the word “respect” was used frequently. I do not wear a mask when grocery shopping not because I am being disrespectful. It is not a rule or a law, wearing a mask is a suggestion I choose not to follow. The reasons behind not wearing a mask do not include anything about comfort or conspiracy theories about the Corona Virus. More important than the face masks is social distancing. I do respect and follow all social distancing protocols right down to making sure I’m always following the directional arrows on the ground.

I do wear a mask at sporting events and was admittedly disappointed in seeing the lack of others wearing a mask. The reality is that there are people attending events who simply are not wearing a mask for the same I do not while shopping. Until it is a law, the reasons why someone is not wearing a mask are mute because you cannot force it upon them.

Remind yourself the person not wearing a face mask is not automatically someone who does not care about them self or anyone else. Vice versa, the person wearing a face mask is not someone automatically afraid of everything.

This is not downplaying safety protocols. I like to believe that if someone, with or without a mask, got into your personal space and you asked them to move, they would. I like to believe if/when wearing a mask became a law, people would, albeit grudgingly, wear them at sports events so that the event organziers do not face penalties.

Please, until face masks become law, let’s agree to disagree civilly. Cheers!

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