ECBC Connor Burns Interview

There is still a chance of baseball in Edmonton in 2020. The Edmonton Collegiate Trappers (ECBC) are still awaiting word from Canadian College Baseball Conference (CCBC) in regards to their pending fall schedule. Instead of re-hashing an old interview with ECBC Head Coach Ethan Elias I reached out to a different voice in the clubhouse.

Assistant Coach Connor Burns was kind enough to answer a few questions about baseball just so we can have a few moments to think about baseball.

Q) As an assistant coach of a team during a pandemic, do you keep contact with players in hopes of a fall season?

Without this pandemic happening I try to keep a good relationship with all my players and check on how they’re doing. Ethan and I run our team with an open door policy. Anything our players need or want to chat about we are always there for them.

In regards to the fall season, we give them news when there is news to give, which there hasn’t been for a while.

With our senior players it is very sad to see their careers ending so abruptly. The league is doing a great job with allowing loop holes for these players to play another season. However, it is tough for some of our guys who have graduated, have practicums lined up, etc. It’s a tough situation for a lot of them but we support all of our guys in whatever they decide to do. 

Q) Absolute Human Performance – I have seen that name mingled in with ECBC since I started covering the team – tell us about the relationship.

Ethan and I are both employed by AHP. Ethan is the leading throwing instructor and I am the director of skill development. My brother, Taylor Burns, is the owner and founder of the organization and has been training ECBC in the offseason for the last 2-3 years.

Q) You and Coach Elias are part of a U16-U13 Absolute Human Performance Baseball starting in October…go ahead explain that please.

The youth baseball academy is co-ran by Ethan and myself and overseen by Taylor. It runs from October to the first week of April. It is a three day a week camp with the core values of having fun, working hard, and developing the necessary skills in preparation for the 2021 summer season. More information can be found on our website

Q) What is your opinion on the still developing situation at RE/MAX Field with the Edmonton Prospects and Dr. Randy Gregg’s incoming team?

As of right now I do not have a comment. We are very thankful for the relationship we have had with the Edmonton Prospects and Pat Cassidy. However we are excited to see what is in store with Randy Gregg’s group.

Thank you Connor for your time. Here is hoping next time we chat it will be about an actual baseball game.

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