Being a Supporters Group member for FC Edmonton means?

In terms of covering FC Edmonton, the fact is I attend games (season ticket holder) for the antics of the River Valley Vanguard (RVV) Supporters Group more so than the tactics played on the pitch.

I’ve argued about the double standard held against supporters groups. I’ve promoted a few of the faces of the RVV. I’ve got to stop using the word “I” and hand the microphone off.

The question to a group of RVV members was, “being a Supporters Group member for FC Edmonton means?” 

Cheering for the club through thick and thin. Representing the RVV in a positive manner on away days. Singing, Chanting, Dancing, Making a fool out of yourself in the name of fun. Shouting yourself hoarse….if you haven’t lost your voice by the 90th minute, then you weren’t loud enough. Be loud, be proud. The players hear the chants and it helps pump them up.” Gordon 

Continuing a connection going back decades with lads I served alongside in my Trooper days. That it’s also the Blue and White is utterly brilliant colours to continue with. And it’s a connection with the Wee Rabbit for something she can grow and remember, the good and the foul. Supporters are community, and that’s still true today as it was then.” David

Supporting grassroots and local soccer, and looking beyond the bright lights of the big European leagues. Being connected to the city and community and helping a positive influence in Edmonton grow.” Ap

The Supporters Group culture is still something being learned in Edmonton. That statement is not taking away from the scores of fans who wake up at ungodly hours of the morning to watch their favourite teams on the pitch from across the world. Or the legions of fans that pack pubs during World Cup or Euro Cup tournaments. It simply states that not every fan who goes to an Eddies game is sitting in the loudest section of Clarke Stadium (and that’s okay).

Hockey is king in this town and in their kingdom you only make noise when you are prompted. I would argue that football, the one where you can use your hands, sits second in the Edmonton sports scene and has an announcer constantly giving you cues to make noise.

It is not white noise coming from the RVV section, it is chants done to various easy to learn tunes. It is not prompted, it is constant. It is such a constant that post game as the players are leaving the field, most will acknowledge the group with applause and praise for being that extra element in the game. The gameday experience is what being a Supporter means to me.

Until we can all be together again at Clarke Stadium creating new memories from wherever you are seated or standing in the crowd, stay safe everyone.


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