Once an Eskimo, Always a Football Team

With or without a pandemic, the Green and Gold were going to succumb to the pressures of changing their team name. Whatever “normal” looks like when the Calgary Stampeders visit Commonwealth Stadium on Saturday May 29th, they will be playing against a team with a new name.

Gone will be the mantra of “Once an Eskimo, always an Eskimo”. Gone will be the “Eskimo Fight Song”.

End of list! I repeat, end of list, those are literally the only two things that will disappear.

I’ve approached the subject of the name change before with the philosophical approach of “A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet“. Now I’m approaching this subject with a reality check.

The Edmonton Football team changing their name does not tear down any of the names on the Wall of Honour. The name change does not delete any of the Club’s 14 Grey Cup victories. The name change does nothing more than end a decades long battle about a moniker viewed as insensitive and/or racist by Inuit groups.

The derogatory urban dictionary term “snowflake” meaning “overly-emotional, easily offended, and unable to deal with opposing opinions” has been used by many fans refusing to accept the name change. Ironic is it not?

Simply complying with the change apparently makes a fellow a “sheeple”. For the record, I’m complying to go watch the same team I’ve been watching since Matt Dunigan and Damon Allen were battling each other for the starting quarterback position. Only difference being this time round they will have a new name plus a few of the crowd interaction bits tinkered with to reflect said new name. For emphasis I’m going to repeat the key words, ” watch the same team just with a new name“.

The Edmonton football fan base has always been very passionate. Seemingly every year there is a mass kerfuffle over a player being released before the fans were ready to see him go. Going old school with my example, do you remember the outrage when the Club released Singor Mobley? I’m not innocent of these charges as I’m still a member of the conspiracy theory group that believes the Ricky Ray trade to Toronto was (and still is) the shadiest trade in the history of the league.

Expect chants to break out throughout the season with the team’s former nickname. Once the new name is revealed, the old name will stop being used here. Personally I’m not here to tell you to stop. Just here to remind you that you first and foremost you are a football fan.

I cannot wait until this is all about football again.

2 thoughts on “Once an Eskimo, Always a Football Team

  1. Good comments, my friend. I hope that fans are more understanding and accepting of the change and return to the stands when the 2021 season starts. I’m worried about the impact on team support and attendance. I’ll be there.


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