Updated look at the FC Edmonton Roster

On Boxing Day, we ran a story with the six FC Edmonton players that were publicly announced as officially signed for the 2021 campaign. Two more players have since officially joined Paris Gee, Kyle Porter, Fraser Aird, Chance Carter, Antony Caceres and Marcus Velado-Tsegaye on the roster. Welcome back Jeannot Esua and Easton Ongaro!

The graphic provided by Martikinen Sugar Fingers Siembiwskiey of the River Valley Vanguard (RVV) colour codes for us who are officially signed and who are still free agents.

The Canadian Premier League (CPL), entering only year 3, still leaves much intrigue when it comes to player contracts. Their website does feature a “who’s in, who’s out” page to help follow along.

Some of the intrigue was exposed when Jeannot Esua’s contract was announced by the team as “exercising its option“. How many other players have Club options? Why is this not public information? Why do we need to know this tidbit? Contract details aside, Esua has arguably been the steadiest Eddie during the CPL era.

Easton Ongaro, whose goal scoring prowess makes him the most recognizable Eddie, has been returned to the Club from Danish second-tier club Vendsyssel. Sportsnet ran an article reviewing Canadians abroad and stated the following:

“…he was effective on the ball, but lacked the physicality to be a commanding striker in the division.

That’s changed in recent matches. Ongaro is winning more aerial duels and even scored in back-to-back matches on Dec. 9 and 13.

Ongaro showed exemplary composure for both of his goals. The strike against Esbjerg was created and finished off by the FC Edmonton man after knocking down a long ball before executing a darting run into the box for the headed finish.”

A bold prediction that I do not believe is actually bold is that the upcoming 2021 season will be Ongaro’s last in Canada. It is a shame the Eddies cannot run this campaign as a “farewell tour” for Easton but you just cannot market your most marketable player as leaving even though it is a complement to his talent. If the adjustments he made during the second half of his stint overseas are any sort of precursor, the young lad will continue sharpening his skills at Clarke Stadium on his road to becoming the first CPL version of a FC Edmonton player to be sold abroad. Enjoy this man while you can ladies and gentleman.

Hopefully we can enjoy watching the man and the whole team live this season instead of only on our televisions or laptops. I’m sure we are all tired of reading about “bending the curve” of Covid-19 but it is the only hope sports fans have for sporting events returning with a live audience. Stay safe everyone!

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