Eddies Roster Update after a busy week of signings

5 days. 5 glorious FC Edmonton player announcements.






This brings the Eddies official roster to 13 signed players. The Canadian Premier League (CPL) roster maximum is 23. Let’s take a look at Martikinen Sugar Fingers Siembiwskiey’s roster graphic to help us visualize the Eddies roster. Please note, while the graphic denotes signed and unsigned players, the attempt at a depth chart is unofficial.

The Shamit Shome acquisition was arguably the most exciting of the week, if not this off-season, because he embodies the social media hashtag FC Edmonton uses of #OneofOurOwn. Raised in Edmonton, a graduate of the FC Edmonton Academy, a former player on the NASL edition of the Eddies, even a former U of A player, Shome already has a dedicated base of fans in the Capital City. Welcome home Shome!

Soria, one of the players to wear the captain’s band, and Temguia are re-signings of players we watched in the “Island Games” last season. “Pre-Covid”, we also would have watched Raul Tito last season. Due to 2020 travel restrictions, the Eddies hands were ostensibly forced to loan Tito to a Club in Peru to allow the 23-year-old to keep playing as he was not allowed across the border. Someone buy the young man a winter jacket as we all hope to see him on the pitch at Clarke Stadium in April.

Mabussi comes to Edmonton after playing in the French footballing pyrmaid since 2014-15. The 23-year-old from the Democratic Republic of the Congo joins the Eddies as Coach Koch’s 5th new acquisition in re-shaping the Club. Mabussi joins the previously discussed Shome along with Fraser Aird, Kyle Porter, and Paris Gee.

FC Edmonton’s last victory was October 16th, 2019 defeating Pacific FC 3-1. The Eddies faithful at Clarke Stadium watched Prince Amanda, Easton Ongaro and Temguia score helping the team snap a 10 game winless streak. Coincidentally, their previous win was also a 3-1 triumph over Pacific FC. The Eddies were held out of the win column during the 2020 “Island Games”.

Before making any wild and crazy predictions for the Koch led 2021 incarnation of FC Edmonton, let’s take things one step at a time. Step one, the CPL plays games. Step two, let’s get that first win under our belts.

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