Checking in with Edmonton Prospects AGM/Head Coach Jordan Blundell

In 2007 Jordan Blundell coached the then named St. Albert Prospects for one season.  Twelve years later Blundell, who already had the role of Assistant General Manager, stepped back behind the bench adding Head Coach to his roles. No matter his role or title, if you spend anytime with Mr. Blundell you will surely hear the following statement, “It’s all about winning that last game of the summer”.

Coming off a cancelled season due to a pandemic and uncertainty still surrounding…well everything really, I reached out to Jordan to ask him a few questions.

Q) Looking ahead to 2021 begins with looking back at 2020 and asking if those contracts are still valid? Did the pandemic leave you with any sort rights to these players?
 Our signed contracts from 2020 are valid as far as rights to those players in our league are concerned.  Clubs have the opportunity to protect players into January of the upcoming year, however if those players are not signed they become available for all other teams in the Western Canadian Baseball League (WCBL). We have a mix of re-signed players from the suspended 2020 season and a group of new players that make up our 2021 roster.
Q) Without the prototypical amount of baseball played in 2020, how do you as Coach and Assistant GM go about your business melding together a roster?
Recruiting for the 2021 season really hasn’t been any different than previous years, outside of the obvious challenges that the pandemic poses.  We’ve been able to prepare and plan for potential issues and we provide that information to recruits.  We are hopeful that by the time our summer season arrives the travel situation for our players will be resolved and allow for our league to compete this summer.  
As a group we are prepared to adapt, adjust and adhere to whatever challenges we are faced with as we get closer to the summer and then within our summer season.
We’ve created some new player recruitment relationships as well as maintained some partnerships from past seasons.  
Q) 56 road games this season. Sure many Prospects fans will do the short drive out to Centennial Park in Sherwood Park and Henry Singer Park in Spruce Grove but mentally it has  to wear on players and coaches having multiple “home dressing rooms”. What is the mindset behind not having a home park?
 Edmonton is our home and ultimately our player residence is where our players call home.  Not having a Home Stadium is an opportunity for our organization to create new relationships in the Metro Edmonton region.  
For our players, there is no doubt that having a specific home field would be ideal but our players see this as a challenge and they are excited to be a part of the Prospects as we work to build our new stadium in Spruce Grove.  The players see this as an opportunity to be part of the history of the Prospects, to be the group that bridged the gap to the Metro Ballpark. College baseball players in general are a resilient bunch and our group will personify resiliency. 
Thank you for your time Jordan. Let’s finish off this article with a look at a few of the players he has brought in for the (hopeful) 2021 campaign.

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