Edmonton Collegiate Trappers Update…Sorta

Thanks Coach for the text message interview. Hopefully in September we can talk in person at the ballpark.” That’s how my last conversation with Edmonton Collegiate Baseball Club (ECBC), also known as the Edmonton Collegiate Trappers, Coach Ethan Elias ended in May of 2020. Fast forward seven months and a text message interview is still the best option available for interviews with team personnel.

Just in case you are not familiar with the ECBC Trappers here’s a quick breakdown:

  • play in the Canadian College Baseball Conference (CCBC) which has eight teams, 5 in British Columbia and 3 in Alberta (yes, Calgary has one)
  • play out of Re/Max Field, in 2019 games were free of charge.
  • from their about page…” ECBC provides opportunities for young people from the capital region and northern Alberta to pursue their studies while playing a competitive brand of baseball under the instruction and leadership of several coaches with professional coaching experience… Edmonton Collegiate Baseball Club presents the unique opportunity of attending one of Edmonton’s five world-class post-secondary education institutions.”

The title reads “update….sorta” on the Club as I did not want to mislead readers into believing there was breaking news on the baseball Club. Here we go!

Q) Is there any word from the CCBC on whether or not the plan is start the season on time. It’s understood everything is related to Covid but there has to be some directive from the league or at least yourself to the team about what the plan is. Please share what you can.
No word on CCBC season yet. We are exploring options and we will do what we can to ensure our players get to compete safely this year. It has been a challenge to anticipate what is going to be available to us this spring. As of right now there is nothing set in stone.
2) The Edmonton Riverhawks have already released their schedule. Much like the former tenants of the downtown ballpark it allows for the ECBC schedule. Any discussions with your new landlords that you can share?
We have discussed the partnership of the Gregg Group and ECBC  and we are excited to work together. The plan is for us to play and practice out of Re/Max Field. They have been very supportive to us in the growth of ECBC.
3) Coming up on a calendar year of Covid cancellations, are there players signed to ECBC? How do you sign players who missed nearly an entire season of play? This must be a scouts nightmare right?
Its challenging that’s for sure. We have had a few signings. And as we get closer to the summer they will start to pile in more and more. The  scouting process right now relies heavily on social media and word of mouth. There is a lot of indecision out there from a lot of athletes because of the pandemic. We also use a prospective athlete form which is on our website that has been very helpful in recruiting players in this time.  
Thanks Coach. Like so many fans, I’m so ready to go back to the ballpark!

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