Allwest Powersports, the new Ginga Ninja of Castrol Raceway’s Dirt Oval Track

On October 8, Ron MacDonell of Ginga Ninja Dirt Promotions announced that 2020 was his last season promoting the Dirt Oval races at Castrol Raceway. On January 19th, he introduced to us the company that will be taking over the reigns:
“Allwest Powersports will be the new promoter for the 2021 Season…Ginga Ninja will be helping with the transition and will be working with the new group to make the change over as seamless as possible for our fans and competitors. We will keep this page open for all the Castrol Raceway Dirt Oval News for this season.”
Before introducing everyone to Ed Wiersma, the man who heads up Allwest Powersports, allow me to share Ron’s (the Ginga Ninja) responses to a block of questions i sent him:

My three year contract was up and I did not renew my lease on the oval for the 2021 season. The reasoning behind my not continuing the lease was that (my son) Sean was going to be racing in the United States this year and we were going to be based in Washington State but because of the covid bs it doesn’t look like we will be heading down there anytime soon.  If the border opens Sean will be heading south to race.

The new company that’s going to lease the oval is Allwest Powersports. Ed Wiersma, Ed, has asked me to keep our Ginga Ninja FB page open because we have a lot of followers and he currently does not have either a website or FB page. I will not be actively involved at the track, we have been meeting to help Ed get his team formulated, a schedule and all the logistics to running the oval. I will be available to Ed to offer my experience in helping with running a smooth program.”

Well then, let’s meet Mr. Ed Wiersma. Many race fans may have already met Ed as the number 57 sprint car pictured above the title is his race car.

Q) Who are Allwest Powersports?

Allwest Powersports is a company that sells used parts for snowmobiles, quads and motorcycles online. Also have Allwest Auto Parts, an off-chute of Powersports, we experimented with three years ago. The majority of my business is being an auto recycler and we are transitioning out of the retail side of business into being an online store heading away from cars heading into power sports. The biggest transition for the company is moving away from being a physical retail store to becoming solely an online store.

Q) Dirt Oval Racing history?

Use to do a lot of street racing in my early 20’s but the fines became too much. In 1991, I bought an old modified race car which I ran for 8 or 9 years. Then I switched to racing sprint cars. I was a racer in Ginga Ninja Events driving the number 57 sprint car.

Q) Speak of the transition of Ginga Ninja to Allwest Powersports.

Allwest Powersports will be using the Ginga Ninja Facebook page for now because it makes no sense to shut down a page that has so much history. Ron MacDonell is a a very respected Oval racing promoter and I’m honoured to be associated with him, to be able learn from his expertise to try and fill his shoes, the man has big feet.

All sponsorship and promotions will be done under the Allwest Powersports umbrella. Anybody who wants to sponsor an event can reach out to me,

Q) The Covid question:

Last season, the Alberta Health Services mandate was 200 fans all required to follow Covid guidelines. I’d like to hope we get to start with at least that many fans.

Last year all tickets were pre-purchased through e-mail and e-transfers to create a contact less entry into the races. That will be the case this year again unless the government eases or lift some of the covid restrictions.

A tentative schedule of events is being released soon. Two day shows and I’d like events to start earlier, however the final draft of the schedule finishes up, I hope everyone is allowed to come out to watch.

Q) There will be similarities to Ginga Ninja, what will be the differences?

I’m delegating a lot more responsibility to class representatives. We are hoping to keep all 5 classes that ran in 2020 and each class will have their own respective rep. These reps will be in charge of ensuring their class runs smoothly.
I’m here to ensure they have a safe race track to race. The reps are here to ensure that the rules within their respective classes are being followed, that starting lineups and heat lineups are presented, and if any issues keep constantly arising that forces an early checkered flag on their race that they correct these issues. 
Great talking to you Ed. Hopefully the upcoming schedule release is actually allowed to run according to plan.

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