Edmonton Huskies and Edmonton Wildcats announce 2021 schedules

The Canadian Junior Football League (CJFL) added more lore to the day of January 26th by releasing their 2021 schedule. In their press release, the league immediately addresses the pandemic that cancelled last season,

“All games and dates are subject to change with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but announcing the schedule gives some hope of getting back to a “normal” football season.”

Edmonton has two teams in the CJFL, the Edmonton Huskies and the Edmonton Wildcats. Both teams will play games out of JP Bowl and Clarke Park. Let’s take a look at their regular season schedules:

Week 1, Sunday August 8:

  • Wildcats at Saskatoon Hilltops, 1 PM
  • Regina Thunder at Huskies (JP Bowl) 1 PM

Week 2, Saturday August 14th:

  • Huskies at Wildcats (Clarke Park) 7 PM

Week 3, Sunday August 22nd:

  • Hilltops at Huskies (JP Bowl) 1 PM
  • Wildcats at Calgary Colts 1 PM

Week 4, Saturday August 28th:

  • Wildcats at Huskies (Clarke Park) 7 PM

Week 6 (league bye week 5) Sunday September 12th,

  • Winnipeg Rifles at Wildcats (JP Bowl) 11 AM
  • Colts at Huskies (JP Bowl) 4 PM

Week 7, Sunday September 19th

  • Huskies at Rifles 1 PM
  • Colts at Wildcats (JP Bowl) 1 PM

Week 8, Sunday September 26th

  • Thunder at Wildcats (JP Bowl) 1 PM
  • Huskies at Colts 1 PM

Week 9, Sunday October 3

  • Wildcats at Thunder 1 PM
  • Huskies at Hilltops 1PM

To refresh the memories of football fans, the Huskies finished the 2019 season 7-3 finishing behind only the undefeated Saskatoon Hilltops. The Wildcats finished 2-7 finishing ahead of the Calgary Colts and Winnipeg Rifles.

Huskies fans will have to wait and see what new wrinkles their new head coach Jeff Tobert will bring to the Club. Tobert was named the new head coach after Iian MacLean stepped down.

Last summer I was able to interview Wildcats head coach Darcy Park. He spoke to how “At this level of sport, things go in cycles. In 2009, we were the PFC and Intergold Champions. In 2013 we went 5-3 but lost 24 players to Chris Morris’ University of Alberta Golden Bears. It hurt our program but we are here to help players get to the next level.” 

How will a year hiatus from sport affect the cycle in the CJFL in 2021? Here is sincerely hoping we all get to find out.

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