Catching up with Sean MacDonell

With Ginga Ninja Dirt Promotions transitioning out of Castrol Raceway’s Dirt Oval Track and Allwest Powersports preparing to move in, I felt the need to tie up a loose end. In the article announcing the transition,  the Ginga Ninja himself said the following about his 360 Sprint Car racer son:

“Sean was going to be racing in the United States this year and we were going to be based in Washington State…If the border opens Sean will be heading south to race.”

Having interviewed Sean MacDonell last summer, I reached out to him to chat a little racing. Started with the obvious question of why leave Alberta to race down south (pandemic allowing)?

“Given the current situation, I’m not overly optimistic we will be able to get across the border to go racing. The main reason is the hope of a full 20 car field of 360 sprints which I don’t believe will happen this year locally as it didn’t happen last season. So need to travel to get our fix! I’d be racing our own family car still.”

What does a race car driver do during non racing season to keep his edge? I mean, is it the old saying of “just like riding a bike” or are you playing car racing games like a little kid bending into the turns?

“Now that I have a little one at home and another on the way not much time for racing games although I believe they can help a little. Best thing is to stay in shape!”

How about a comment on racing in front of health services reduced crowds? Not so much for during the race but afterwards when any fanfare is reduced to no fanfare.

“No fans is definitely less engaging but you don’t notice it until you get out of the car as you hinted at. Makes it hard to sell sponsorship as well!”

The cover photo is of Sean’s race car scooped from the Ginga Ninja Facebook Page. A reminder racing fans that the Ginga Ninja Facebook page is where Allwest Powersports will be posting their news and information during the beginning of their tenure on the Castrol Raceway dirt oval track.

Thank you Sean for always being responsive to my inquisitions. Best of luck with your growing family and wishing you, and all racers, the utmost safety in what you do for “a fix”.

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