From feeling Elizondo to feeling in the Sewell

The roller coaster that is being a sports fan has been experienced in full effect by Green and Gold football fans the past few days. The latest peak and valley being the early morning news on February 1st of Jaime Elizondo getting hired as the new head coach followed shortly after midnight by longtime defensive line stalwart Almondo Sewell tweeting his goodbye.


The head coaching position of the Edmonton Football team was vacated by Scott Milanovich when he bolted for another opportunity in the NFL. One can be happy for him now that the EE have found a new leader in Jaime Elizondo. Elizondo, before bolting to the XFL, had previously worked with the dynamic duo of quarterback Trevor Harris and receiver Greg Ellingson in Ottawa. There really could not have been a better way for this situation to play out as the calendar page changed from January.

The time stamp on Almondo Sewell’s tweet is 12:44 AM. That is when he informed fans that it was time for his “next chapter”. His entire CFL career, which began with a stint in 2011 before signing again in June of 2012, had been spent in Edmonton. The man somersaulted his way into the hearts of many football fans. A forced fumble in the 2015 West Final against the Calgary Stampeders helped the team not only get to the championship game but win the Grey Cup. A spot on the Club’s Wall of Honour awaits his retirement.

Backing up the fan emotion roller coaster to January 30th, fans were elated to read the news that Ellingson had re-signed with the Club prompting one fan to say, “I’d hate to be the coordinator who has to scheme to stop (the returning) Derel Walker and Greg Ellingson.” Then on January 31st the Club released receiver Ricky Collins Jr. 

If the regular season is half as exciting the off-season, especially after having no football in 2020, I have no words. Well, other than let’s hope we actually have a 2021 season.

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