16U lacrosse draft, duelling top 5 lists

If you wanted to learn about some of the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League (RMLL) upcoming draftees, who you would you reach out to? I began the search with Junior A Commissioner Sean Aggus and Junior B Commissioner Mike Fynn. Through these gentleman I was referred to John Lintz (Sr B Miners players, coach at Jr A and Jr B Level) and Terry Dokken (President/Head Coach, Crude Lacrosse Club)

The 16U draft, formerly known as the “midget draft”, typically happens mid-February. In 2021, it has been delayed to an unspecified day in March (hopefully).

In the 2020 Jr A draft, the St. Albert Jr A Miners drafted the following players from the 16U ranks – Jack Royer and Zack Basisty from the Parkland Posse at numbers one and two. Reece Barnes and Ben Vanderklay from the Sherwood Park Titans went three and five. Alex Lemieux from the Warriors was taken third.

In the 2020 Jr B Tier 1 North draft, the first round (after trades) of selected 16U talent looked like this – Jack Royer (Jr B Warriors), Zack Basisty (Jr B Outlaws), Reece Barnes (Crude Lacrosse), Briley Maxwell (Jr B Warriors).

In speaking with Terry Dokken and John Lintz, I asked for a Top 4 Midget A and most likely to be drafted Midget B player. With no 2020 season to look back on, the need to shine a light on a few promising prospects felt imperative. With Covid still casting a shadow over the sports world, light is more important than ever.

We will start with each respective panellists Top 5!

Terry Dokken’s Picks:

  1. Caden Gulka, Sherwood Park Titans
  2. Luke Bowen, Parkland Posse Home
  3. Ben Royer, Parkland Posse
  4. Danny Fehr, Sherwood Park Titans
  5. Josh Fodchuk, 2019 Midget B stats

John Lintz’s Picks:

  1. Luke Bowen, Parkland Posse 2019 Team Stats
  2. Caden Gulka, Sherwood Park Titans 2019 Team Stats
  3. Luke Royer, Sherwood Park Titans
  4. Graham Dicken, Parkland Posse
  5. Ben Hobday, Beaumont Raiders Midget B

Interesting to see the variance in the above lists with only two players being mutual. Let’s check the notes given on the players.

Caden Gulka, Offense 

Terry: 5’10”, right handed, features a good shot and a high lacrosse IQ. Fast!

John: super athletic, really good at basketball and volleyball and it shines through into his lacrosse game. Creative player who will find ways to finish around the net.

Luke Bowen, Offense

Terry: 5’10”, right handed, both fast and strong. High lacrosse IQ with a very good shot.

John: a lot of similarities to his Dad Jamey Bowen. Both have a really good outside shot and can finish on the inside. Can handle himself against biggest players. Won at every level he has been at. Really, really competitive kid.

Ben Royer, Offense

Terry: 5’5″, left handed. 12 goals, 40 assists in 20 games played in 2019. High lacrosse IQ accompanied with a good shot and good speed.

Luke Royer, Offense

John: lefty, 19 goals, 22 assists. Super high lacrosse IQ. Good at collecting loose balls and causing turnovers in transition. A scrappy player not afraid to go through the middle.

Danny Fehr, Offense

Terry: 6’2″, left handed. Strong and fast. High lacrosse IQ. In 2019, 19 games played, 5 goals and 11 assists.

Graham Dicken, Offense

John: righty who is a tall, lanky, cerebral player. Really strong pick setter who finishes around the cage. 25 points in 17 games played in 2019.

Josh Fodchuk, Offense

Terry: 5’7″ right handed shot. Sees the floor well. Very good shot. Good speed. High lacrosse IQ.

Ben Hobday, Offense

John: goes to St. FX Academy – offensive player, well coached, effective in the pick-and-roll game. Good outside shot, better worker.

Thank you Terry and John for your insights. Best of luck to all draft eligible 16U players.

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