FC Edmonton Email Signup, Do It For Coach Koch Corner

Allow me to share with you a letter from FC Edmonton Coach Alan Koch that was put into the Club’s email blast to their fans:

“Hello FCE supporters, and welcome to the Coach’s Corner!

I cannot express enough how excited my family and I are to be back in Canada and in Edmonton. It has been a smooth transition into Alberta and everyone has been very welcoming. We have a lot of work to do as a club as we work our way up the league standings. The ultimate goal is to win a trophy with the Eddies and we will work incredibly hard with and for everyone so that we can achieve that goal as quickly as possible.

We have been working hard signing players…bringing back a few from last year’s squad and bringing in some new, fresh faces. A few familiar names back with us this season are Connor James, Amer Didic, Jeannot Esua, Easton Ongaro, and Ramon Soria. And some new players we think you will love to watch are Shamit Shome (returning home!), Kyle Porter (coming back!), Paris Gee, Fraser Aird, and Sharley Mabussi. And don’t forget about our #1 Draft Pick Tommy Gardner, and Darlington Murasiranwa…our new young goalkeeper we signed from our academy to his first professional contract! These players and their teammates look forward to representing you well, once we get back to the pitch.

We’ve begun some training, and will continue to build toward the start of the season so we are ready to go, play hard, win some games, and make you proud to be an Eddies fan.

Please stay safe out there, because we want us all to be able to enjoy some fun, and positive experiences in Clarke stadium as soon as possible.

Go Eddies!”

I have always been a fan of “just for me” messages from Coaches put into email blasts for a team’s database. So why I am sharing this “just for me” message with the masses? (This will be the only one I share)

For starters, to point out the email signup page on the FC Edmonton site. Then to give you some assurance that signing up for Eddies notifications is not about getting bombarded with sales pitches but actual Club news. News you may have missed about the league and team. In this edition the Club also shares a note from the league commissioner and includes the link to the full letter:

“Our plans call for the start of play this Spring – while recognizing that a major factor will be our nation’s progress against this pandemic.  Based on where we are right now, if health authorities say it is safe to do so, we are focused on targeting a start date of the Victoria Day long weekend (May 22, 2021) – Canada’s “unofficial start of summer” for a full 28 game season. To that end, we will remain flexible but also adaptable in our planning. To be clear, our ultimate goal is to see our Supporters in the stands as we take to the field!”

– Commissioner David Clanachan

On a personal note from a previous job back in 2009/10, I was responsible for “Keenan’s Komments” in the Edmonton Rush Lacrosse Club email blast. Twas I that reached out to the newly hired Coach and General Manager and asked if he would offer weekly comments to send out to fans. Therefore when he agreed, it was my responsibility to send him reminders for his comments. This readers, is the biggest reason I share Coach Koch’s comments from the Eddies email. It’s because I am a huge proponent of this Coach/fan interaction.

Sign up and enjoy. Hopefully we will all be at Clarke Fortress, for the Eddies to win it cannot be just Clarke Stadium, in the month of May. I like to think the River Valley Vanguard (RVV) Supporters Group will take in the SAImpact Supporters Group helping them prepare for their inaugural season of Impact FC.

Stay safe everyone!

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