Xavier Moon, Jordan Baker and Hoops Sanctuary with Coach Small

How it started? A franchise that won their inaugural game on May 10, 2019 hosting the Niagara River Lions (highlights) and a league that was forced into playing the 2020 season in “a bubble”.

How it’s going? The reigning, defending, undisputed Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) champion Edmonton Stingers recently re-signed two of their original starting lineup five players and started up a weekly question and answer feature with their Coach.

One would figure the first order of business would be locking up the only player to ever win the CEBL Player of the Year and the Stingers did just that.

“I am extremely excited to back with the Stingers for the third year! I am looking forward to being back in Edmonton and defending our Championship” Finals MVP Xavier Moon

Baker, the U of A Golden Bears all-time leader in scoring, rebounds, steals and assists, added CEBL Canadian of the Year to his list of accolades.

“We have built a strong, championship-level culture in Edmonton over the past two seasons. It was an easy decision to re-sign and continue to represent my hometown in the CEBL.” Jordan Baker

When I first saw the social media notifications that Coach Jermaine Small was going to be answering fan questions, I presumed it would be a “zoom” type, “live” setting. What the Club does instead is ask fans to send in questions through a “Direct Message” on their Twitter account (if they follow you) or message through their Facebook account.

The initial question Coach answered was about goals in free agency and Xavier Moon.

“Our biggest goal is to bring back the core of the Championship team. With that being said our first signing was Xavier Moon once again. I think it goes without saying with all his accolades that he’s a big piece of this and we’re so glad to have him back.”

Be sure to send in your questions Stingers fans. This is your chance to be a reporter. Cheers!


An Interview with Edmonton Stingers President Brett Fraser

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