Impact FC UWS, Building Through Captaincy

You are tasked with building a team from scratch, how do you proceed? Welcome to the task at hand for United Women’s Soccer (UWS) expansion club the St. Albert Impact, more commonly referred to as Impact FC UWS.

The Impact FC UWS, began the process by hiring two-time UWS Coach of the Year Troye Flannery to be their Head Coach and General Manager. Leadership seems to be the trait the Club will be built upon as Flannery has been collecting players that have previously been team captains.

Impact FC UWS Twitter

Samantha Gouveia, the Club’s most recent signing, brings the team total to eight. Gouveia was a team captain at MacEwan University. Let’s take a look at a list of Impact FC players with previous captain’s experience:

  • Tanya Boychuk – University of Memphis (also Canada U-20)
  • Brittany Kindzierski – University of Texas And El Paso
  • Sheena Tracey – MacEwan University
  • Elise Emmott – University of Alberta
  • Erika Vecchio -MacEwan University
  • Yasmine Hall – Kent State University
  • Kayla Mostowich – Canada Summer Games Team Alberta

Let’s also point out that Heather Lund has 2015 Team Canada FISU captain on her resume.

Impact FC UWS Twiiter

Along with leadership, a winning pedigree is essential in constructing an inaugural team roster. Impact FC UWS has nailed this department!

  • Brittany Kindzierski – two-time CSA National Champion
  • Heather Lund – three-time CSA National Champion
  • Sheena Tracey – CCAA National Champion
  • Elise Emmott – four-time CSA National Champion
  • Laura Kautz – two-time CSA National Champion
  • Erika Vecchio – CCAA National Champion
  • Kayla Evans – CCCAA National Champion

Samantha Gouveia, 2019 AMSL Champion, was added to Club after the graphic was produced. Let’s also point out that Bryana Buttar was a 2014 CONCACAF Champion.

The countdown clock on the Impact FC UWS website unofficially brings us to an opening day of Monday May 31st. It is unofficial as the league has not yet posted a schedule. As fans, we can only hope in these ever-changing times that the league will be able to begin towards the end of May/beginning of June. Cannot wait to see all of you at Riel Recreation Park! Until then…

Brace for Impact FC UWS!

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