“Pay It Forward With Football” Events

Thursday March 11th you have an option to join an online event. “Pay It Forward With Football” will be holding the virtual event featuring their new ambassador Calvin McCarty.

As per their Facebook post shared above, if you are interested in joining the virtual meet and greet, respond to their post or send them a message. Want to know a little bit more about who “Pay It Forward With Football” is before clicking over to their Facebook page? Here’s a re-post of their April 27, 2019 post explaining how they came to be:

The game of football has given me so much over the course of my life. From an 8 year old kid running on the field from the Knothole gang to get an autograph from “Gizmo” Williams or Tracy Ham, to sitting beside my dad watching a Labour Day rematch on a Friday night 30 years ago. I cannot remember a period in my life that wasn’t influenced by the game. My now wife Samantha and I began going to Eskimo games together even before we were dating in 2005. Commonwealth Stadium has been home to so many precious memories for us. Aside from all the wins and losses, we have a real personal connection to the game and the field on which it is played here in Edmonton. In 2011, with the help of Fred Stamps, Samantha and I got engaged in the south end zone at Commonwealth Stadium. In 2014 we announced that we were pregnant with our son Tenneson at midfield. We were sitting in Section Y when we announced that our baby girl Rylie was coming in the fall of 2018. And on a warm night in July 2017, luck was on our side yet again and our number came up.
I feel we owe a great debt to football that we will never be able to repay. But we need to start. That is how the concept of “Pay it Forward with Football” came to light. For every single home game this year, Sam and I want to send 2 people to the game that we owe a part of our lives to. We are asking people to nominate someone who they feel deserve to go to an Edmonton Eskimo game for whatever reason they feel appropriate. We will then go through the nominations and select the individuals. Perhaps it’s someone who has never been to a game, or someone who always gives and you would like to give them something in return. Perhaps there is someone that would love to go to a game, but is not able to financially. Whatever the reason, let’s get as many nominations as possible.
Quentin and Samantha


Please note that the Edmonton Football Team is not affiliated with the event. These are fans going above and beyond being polite and courteous. These are fans expressing their kindness by sharing with others.


On their Facebook page, click HERE, you will find a video by the founders of “Pay It Forward With Football” that touches on plans and ideas for the 2021 season – however that might look. It also gives the friendly reminder that joining the virtual event on Thursday does not require you to “chat”. It is okay to just be a fan and listen to long-time EE football player Calvin McCarty.

I’ve already sent a message to “Pay It Forward With Football” saying I’ve got a bag or two of bottles they can pick up on Saturday morning. I’ve never met either Quentin or Samantha. Just from going through their Facebook page, the least I could do to show my appreciation for the amazing kindness shown by the couple and their organization is donate to their cause and share some of their story. I hope you do the same.

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