Tier 1 Draft Lottery Results

Ahead of the March 16th Tier 1 Alberta North lacrosse draft, the Division agreed to participate in a “draft lottery” last night to decide the order of selection. “This year because we didn’t have a season last year, the teams agreed to a weighted lottery based on standings over the past three seasons that we played. As well, it was decided that this would be a “snake draft”‘ explained Fort Saskatchewan Rebels Manager Dave McGarva.

For those unfamiliar with the term “snake draft” it means the teams will pick 1 through 4 in the first round and then 4 through 1 in the second round. “This was the fairest possible outcome with advantages to being first overall and there’s advantages to be able to take 4th and 5th in a row on a repeated basis” added Sherwood Park Outlaws Manager Michael Hritzuk.

The unique stipulation to the draft lottery was that the winner of the lottery was not automatically given first overall pick but the option to choose where they selected in the draft. Each team as they were drawn were awarded this privilege except of course the last team selected would have to accept the remaining spot.

The Results

The Crude Lacrosse Club won the draft lottery and selected to choose 4th in the upcoming draft. With the draft “snaking” this gives the Club back-to-back picks.

The Edmonton Warriors were the second name pulled from the lottery hat and selected to have the 3rd overall pick slot.

The Fort Saskatchewan Rebels, the 2019 regular season division leader came out of the lottery third and selected to have the 2nd overall pick slot.

The Sherwood Park Outlaws were awarded the 1st overall draft pick by draft lottery rules default. In a world without Covid, the first overall draft pick would have awaited the Outlaws after the 2019 season so the result seems apropos.

Draft Lottery Comments

Rebels McGarva: “It was a tough decision to make but to say that it is based on the kids available and the unique nature of this draft. Throw in the mix that this is a Tier 1 draft and we have to make an estimation of which of the high ranked players will play Junior A, making it essentially a wasted pick. Based on the players available and our needs, we felt that picks 2, 7, 10 and 15 were more valuable than 1, 8, 9. 16. I guess folks are welcome to second guess.”

Outlaws Hritzuk: “Regardless of the outcome it (the lottery) was as fair as possible. Teams did not gain a ridiculous advantage based on 2-year-old stats and the snake component levels the field through the rounds.”

League Update on 2021

The Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League Twitter account posted a very important thread on Tuesday…

“A reminder that moving from Step 1 to Step 2 has little impact on RMLL activities. There are limits to 10 (players, coaches, and trainers combined) and no physical contact.
The real value of moving to Step 2 is that Step 3 is that much closer (expected on March 22). Step 3 is when the real changes will occur.
We remain convinced that there will be a 2021 season that includes games. Although the form that will take is still TBD (ie., reduced schedule, cohorts, etc). However, there remains a delay in much of our pre-season preparation. Stay patient!”
Stay safe everyone. The itch for lacrosse is getting closer and closer to being scratched.

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