Thy Shall Be Entertained Tonight – Three Online Events To Choose From

“Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!”. In tonight’s case it’s Alberta Series Lacrosse Draft and Impact WFC Q&A and Pay It Forward With Football Event, oh my! Flows off the tongue doesn’t it?

6:30 PM Alberta Series Lacrosse Draft

The Alberta Series Lacrosse 2021 draft will be presented on The Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League twitter account will also be posting updates.

The draft order will be the inverse of the 2019 regular season standings tweaked by trades made at last year’s draft. Original order stands to be the Edmonton Warriors, Beaumont Outlaws then the St. Albert Miners. A 2020 draft day trade sees the Outlaws missing out on the first round and the Miners having back-to-back picks. 

All Alberta Junior Players born in 1999 where the North Junior teams are North of Leduc are eligible to be drafted by the Warriors, Outlaws and Miners.

7:00 PM Impact WFC Q & A

The St. Albert Impact Women’s Football Club (WFC) in conjunction with the yet to be named Impact Supporters Group are holding an online zoom event. The hosts of the “For Kicks Podcast” will be MCing the event featuring three of the Impact WFC players. Olivia Chu and Erika Vecchio were among the original five players announced to the inaugural Impact roster.

To register for the event, click the link in the tweet posted below:

7:30 PM “Pay It Forward With Football” Event

First to ensure there is no confusion, this is not an Edmonton Football Team Event. This event is being hosted by an organization called “Pay It Forward With Football”. Two individuals who take being kind to the umpteenth degree and give back to community using football tickets as a reward.

See below for their post promoting tonight’s event.

As instructed in the above post, if you would like to join the call to chat and/or listen with their new ambassador Calvin McCarty go to their Facebook page and ask for the link. 

It’s going to be a great evening, sign up for some of the fun Edmonton!

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