Beaumont Sr B Outlaws Draft Review

On Thursday March 11th, Alberta Series Lacrosse held their 2021 draft. The night began with a trade and ended with the three northern Alberta teams feeling presumably a tad more confident about their respective Clubs’ depth. This article will look specifically at the Beaumont Outlaws.

The big aforementioned trade that started draft night was between the Sr B Warriors and the Outlaws. Coming to Beaumont is Brent Mitchell and a 2023 second round draft pick. Going to the Warriors is Reese Dunco and second round draft picks in 2021 and 2022.

“Our draft was pretty light but we did make a significant trade with the Warriors that I think will benefit both sides. Brent Mitchell will be a welcomed addition to our back gate. Reese Runco will get a fresh start with a new team. Both are previous 1st overall picks in their respective drafts, so obviously tons of potential in those two players.” stated President of the Outlaws Stu Sterparn.

The Outlaws traded their 2021 first round pick at last year’s draft. With the Club moving this year’s second round pick in the above trade, the team did not select until the third round. With that pick the club selected Jack Holan.

“We were able to secure another local top level goalie in Jack Holan who will help take some pressure off the guys we have already and give us someone to develop for the future,” said Sterparn.

The rest of the draft class is as follows:

  • Michael Nohr (14th overall) – Crude Lacrosse Tier 1
  • Griffin Carey (17th overall) – Titans Tier 2
  • Greyson Stabel (20th overall) – Crude Lacrosse Tier 2
  • Mitchell McEwan (8th Rd) – the first Parkland Posse Tier Two player to be drafted into Sr B
  • Duke Michael (9th Rd) – Titans Tier 2
  • Josh Ilkuff (10th Rd) – Titans Tier 2

“Looking forward to seeing all these young players compete for spots when our camp opens up. Another amazing job by our General Manager Rob Forgrave, who really has a great eye for talent,” commented Sterparn.

We are all looking forward to future announcements from the league in regards to a return to play. With Premier Jason Kenney presumably making an announcement about the possible move to “Stage 3” of the recovery from the pandemic, the opportunity to watch the Outlaws and their new additions is exciting for fans.

Stay safe everyone!

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