Alberta Series Lacrosse Miners Draft Review

Here’s a quote from Alberta Series Lacrosse Miners General Manager Jordan Cornfield from earlier this year, “Typically, players who we draft are players we can see building our future on. We like to draft character guys who understand process in building a successful team. Most of the time they won’t immediately jump into our line up and play an intricate role on the floor right away.” 

This past Thursday, Alberta Series Lacrosse held their 2021 draft. The Miners, via a 2020 trade with the Beaumont Outlaws, held the second overall pick. With that pick they selected Fort Saskatchewan Rebel lacrosse player and Concordia Wisconsin hockey player Spencer Milne.

At the beginning of the second round of the draft, just ahead the Edmonton Warriors fourth overall pick, there was a phone call between the Miners and Warriors. No move was announced and with their second pick of the draft, sixth overall, the Miners selected Matt DeGirolamo. DeGirolamo played 2019 for the Jr. A Miners.

With their third round selection, the Club went back to the Fort Saskatchewan Rebels Tier 1 squad and selected defenseman Tyler Cole.

Staying in the Tier 1 realm, the Miners next pick came from the Crude Lacrosse Club. Jorden McQuaig had 16 goals and 31 points in 17 games for the Crude in their 2019 regular season. McQuaig added 9 points in 4 playoff games that season.

In the fifth round the Club selected Garyn Schmermund of the Crude Tier 2 Club.

Scoring an average of two goals per game in the 2019 season for the Sherwood Park Titans Tier 2 team, Chris Orchin was selected in the 6th round.

With an average of just over two points per game played, Thomas Bartko was drafted by the Miners from the Edmonton Warriors Tier 2 Club.

“One of the most dedicated lacrosse players I’ve ever had the honour to coach.” Was the comment made on the Miners selection of Mackenzie Carlyle.

The last four picks of the 2021 draft by the Miners were from the Vermillion Roar Tier 2 Club.

No official word has been announced yet in regards to the 2021 season however the league’s Twitter account recently released the following:

“A reminder that moving from Step 1 to Step 2 has little impact on RMLL activities. There are limits to 10 (players, coaches, and trainers combined) and no physical contact.
The real value of moving to Step 2 is that Step 3 is that much closer (expected on March 22). Step 3 is when the real changes will occur.
We remain convinced that there will be a 2021 season that includes games. Although the form that will take is still TBD (ie., reduced schedule, cohorts, etc). However, there remains a delay in much of our pre-season preparation. Stay patient!”
The Ontario Junior A Lacrosse Twitter account recently posted an update stating that the 2021 Minto Cup is still tabbed to proceed as usual. Hopefully that means the Presidents Cup tournament scheduled to be hosted by the Miners also goes ahead as planned.
Congratulations to all the draftees!

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