FC Edmonton’s Health and Safety Survey

If and when FC Edmonton and the Canadian Premier League take the pitch, how do you picture it? In May 2020 this was the question I asked three of the biggest Eddies fans I know in an interview. Fast forward to March of 2021 and FC Edmonton is asking their fan base for their input about what a return to Clarke Stadium should look like while the cloud of Covid still hangs over the world.
In the March newsletter the Eddies sent their e-mail database was a link to a “health and safety survey”. I’ve seen chatter on social media that some fans missed it. I saw other fans who are not signed up for their e-mails (you really should) ask for the link to be posted. I suppose that is what this platform is for right?
Click HERE FOR THE LINK to the Eddies fan survey. Keep scrolling to pre-read the questions.
  • Are you a Season Seat Member?
  • How many seats do you normally purchase for a season?


Scale of 1-5 questions

  • How likely are you to attend matches in 2021 if permitted by local and provincial government guidelines?
  • How likely are you to attend matches in 2021 if fans will require screening before entry?
  • How likely are you to use concession services in 2021 when attending a match?
  • How likely are you to attend matches if physical distanced seating measures are in place?
  • How likely are you to attend matches if wearing a mask for the duration is required?
  • How likely are you to attend matches if the majority of the public has not been vaccinated?
  • How likely are you to attend matches if fan attendance and contact information is used for Alberta Health Services contact tracing?


“Our plans call for the start of play this Spring – while recognizing that a major factor will be our nation’s progress against this pandemic.  Based on where we are right now, if health authorities say it is safe to do so, we are focused on targeting a start date of the Victoria Day long weekend (May 22, 2021) – Canada’s “unofficial start of summer” for a full 28 game season. To that end, we will remain flexible but also adaptable in our planning. To be clear, our ultimate goal is to see our Supporters in the stands as we take to the field!”

– Commissioner David Clanachan


T-minus 69 days until the first line in the sand for a return of the league. Let’s all do this as safely as possible. Take the survey and help FC Edmonton with those parameters.

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