Edmonton Sr B Warriors Draft Review

We saw an opportunity in this year’s draft to select players who would make an immediate impact to our team. We looked at ways we can make our team better in every area of the game and we felt we accomplished that,” Head Coach Jordan Wheaton of the Edmonton Sr B Warriors confidently states. Wheaton was very generous with his comments for this article. Anything that is italicized is a comment from him.

The Warriors headed into the 2021 draft with the first overall pick. The Club also cashed in a first round pick owed to them via the St. Albert Miners from the 2018 Tristan Rai trade. Now add in an extra second round pick from the Beaumont Outlaws via a trade that was announced at the beginning of the draft and an extra fourth round pick via the Outlaws from the 2018 trade of Ty Smith. That’s 7 of the first 12 picks in the draft headed to the Jubilee Recreation Centre in the spring.

The Trade:

Outlaws receive: Brent Mitchell, 2023 2nd round pick

Warriors receive: Reese Runco, 2021 and 2022 2nd round pick

We had an opportunity to add Reese Runco in that deal for Brent Mitchell. We are very excited to acquire Reese and hope nothing but success for Brent with his new team.

Reese is a dynamic transition player with game changing speed. He is an athletic defender who is a major threat in transition due to his ability to win tough loose ball battles and outrun opposing players.”

The Draft:

  • 1st Round, 1st Overall: Ethan Eang – 6”1 185 lbs


“A player that can dominate at all ends of the floor. Competes every shift and makes his teammates better.”

  • 1st round, 3rd overall Jordan Diewert – 6”0 185 lbs

“A quiet leader who does whatever it takes to win. Strong lacrosse IQ and opens up his teammates.”

  • 2nd round, 4th Overall Markus Fouillard 5”8 170 lbs 

“The most skilled offensive player in this year draft. Brings his best game every day. Great locker room guy and when the games on the line, you want the ball in his stick because he will deliver.”

  • 2nd round, 5th Overall Ethan Wong – 5”7 155 lbs

“Great speed and phenomenal in the two man game. Highly skilled on the crease and always has a huge smile on his face.”

All four of the players listed above were selected from the Fort Saskatchewan Rebels Tier 1 Lacrosse Club.  Fouillard not only led the Rebels in points but all of Tier 1 with 102 points in 2019. Eang finished second in points on the Rebels and fourth overall in the division. Diewert and Wong finished 4th and 5th in the Rebels scoring each averaging near three points per game.

  • 3rd round, 7th overall Goaltender Zack Yopek-Stabel

“Extremely talented goalie who always gives his teams a chance to win. A strong leader who makes an impact every game.”

  • 4th round, 10th overall Troy Needham – 6”1 178 lbs 

“Intelligent, technical shut down defender who’s relentless pressure takes away a shooters shooting angle. Able to force turn overs and gets the loose ball. Makes the smart play to move the ball up the floor.”

  • 4th round, 11th overall Noah Jackson – 6”2 210lbs

Mean translation player that can push the pace.

  • 5th round, 13th overall Goaltender Jackson Freeman – 6”1 190lbs

Quiet but always has a smile on his face and huge team. A player who wants to win at all costs and loves the game.”

  • 6th round, 16th overall Keegan Doll – 5”9 185 lbs

Skilled offensive player that plays the game at a high level. A player who is be effective every shift.”

  • 7th round, 19th overall Jonah Keiser

“High energy defender whose into every battle. High compete level.”

On paper it definitely seems the Warriors made the most of all their collected draft picks. Now we just need the world (read pandemic) to allow sports to make a complete return.

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