Crude Lacrosse Tier 1 Draft Review

The 2021 Tier 1 Lacrosse draft, already unique in nature due to 2020 being cancelled, broke away from the traditional draft format and went to a “snake format”. That means the team that drafts last in a round, drafts first in the next round. Crude Lacrosse President Terry Dokken, after winning the draft lottery to determine draft order, chose the double pick to select 4th and 5th, 12th and 13th, 20th and 21st and so forth. A 2019 trade had moved their second overall pick to the Edmonton Warriors.
Here is Mr. Dokken to explain how he felt draft night went:
“First of all let me congratulate all the players that were drafted last night in the 2021 Midget Draft and I would like to welcome all of our draftees to the Crude family.
The Crude Lacrosse Club is very happy with the outcome of the 2021 Midget Draft. We went into the draft with a “Wish List” like every other team and I can honestly say that we drafted every player on that list except one, so that makes me very happy.
  • Teegan Runions, our first pick, is in my opinion the most complete player in the draft. Teegan has the size, speed and skill to play junior lacrosse right now.
  • Max Runcer is a big offensive rightie that will contribute to our offense this year.
  • We added size to our roster in players like Lane Wedman, Aiden Brown, and Hayden Hodgess. We expect these guys to compete for a roster spot this year.
  • The steal of the draft in my opinion was Josh Fodchuk, 5th round and 20th overall. Josh is a highly skilled player that his only knock before was his size, well Josh has grown and will be a welcome addition to our roster. Josh is the younger brother of our Captain Jacob Fodchuk.
  • Finally we drafted two goalies Ty Mitchell from Sherwood Park and Katie Anderson from St. Albert. Ty is a big goalie that moves well and Katie is a very skilled goalie that throws the ball exceptionally well.

Rory Sharon, our new Head Coach, is very happy with the outcome of the draft and he can’t wait to see all these players on the floor competing for a spot on the 2021 Crude Jr. B Tier I roster.”

Either can we Mr. Dokken, either can we!

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