Edmonton Riverhawks Announce Inaugural Manager and Pitching Coach

“The Edmonton Riverhawks are proud to announce Kelly Stinnett as the first manager of the West Coast League baseball team. Stinnett is a retired (MLB) catcher who played all or parts of 14 seasons in the majors.

“I’m thrilled to be joining the Edmonton Riverhawks and coming to such a prestigious league,” says Stinnett. “This is one of the premier summer college leagues in North America.”

The Riverhawks also announced they’ve signed local product Ethan Elias as pitching coach….Elias also has a wealth of National Team experience in Canada. He is currently the Head Coach of the Edmonton Collegiate Baseball Club (ECBC Trappers) as well as coaching at the Absolute Human Performance skills development organization.

The Riverhawks are ready to take flight as soon as they get a green light to play ball. The West Coast League announced last week there will be two divisions this year, a Canadian and American division. At this point in time, Kelly Stinnett has every intention of coming north this summer to make his debut coaching the Riverhawks in the West Coast League.”

The above statements are all taken from the Edmonton Riverhawks March 31st press release announcing the pieces to their inaugural coaching staff. Having previously interviewed Coach Elias of the ECBC Trappers, I reached out to him for a quick comment on the big announcement:

“Very excited for the opportunity and it will be very fun to have baseball in the river valley again”

Need to learn more about the Riverhawks?

From our own Ethan Bayduza’s article “Edmonton, welcome to the West Coast League

  • The West Coast League, just like the Western Canadian Baseball League (Edmonton Prospects), is a wood-bat summer collegiate league. The college baseball season ends in spring, so players need somewhere to play during the summer months. You will see college-age players from Canada and the United States compete.

Also from Ethan:

  • You can study up on a couple of American players like Chase Luttrell and Alex Pimentel HERE. You can learn about Canadian signings such as Michael Brisson and Shaun Atamanchuk HERE.

Of course be sure to bookmark the Riverhawks website, Facebook and Twitter.

Dear pandemic, please them play.


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