RMLL Announces “Drop Dead” Date For 2021 Season

On April 3rd Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League (RMLL) President Duane Bratt released a statement to all member teams regarding the upcoming 2021 season. We will start with the “drop dead date” professed in the title:

If by May 24, AHS has not provided guidance that would permit the RMLL to commence league play by the first weekend of June (June 4-6), the formal RMLL season will be cancelled and the RMLL Executive, in consultation with each of the Divisions, will explore the possibility of alternate forms of “Return to Play”.”

From the President’s statement comes the following assessment leading to the May 24 deadline:

“Alberta is currently in Step 2 of the government’s COVID-19 Path Forward. This restricts floor times to players 18 and under with social distancing and other restrictions in place
…. Step 3, which would allow those 19 and over to take the
floor in some form, has been delayed due to rising hospitalization rates. Step 4 would allow games, but some restrictions, such as cohort requirements, may still be in place during this phase. It is currently anticipated even once the province moves to Step 3, there will be a minimum of a three-week period before we can move into Step 4.

On March 17, 2021, Lacrosse Canada (formerly the CLA) announced that a decision on 2021 national championships would be made at their Board of Directors meeting the first
week of May.

The RMLL Executive met on March 29, 2021. Based on the above information from the Alberta Government and Lacrosse Canada, the RMLL Executive passed the following (deadline).”

There is already an update to pass along and it is not good news. On Tuesday April 6th, Premier Jason Kenney moved Alberta back to Stage 1 amid raising Covid and Covid variant numbers. The Premier did not indicate a date to move back to Stage 2.

“Last Thursday, I said that if we just stick to our guns for a few more weeks, we’ll head into what I truly believe will be the best summer in Alberta’s history,” Kenney said. “If we just get through the next few weeks, that remains true.”

There are just over 6 weeks until the implemented deadline by the RMLL for this summer to include a “formal” lacrosse season.

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