Introducing the 2021 Edmonton Stingers Draft Class

Just days ago, the Canadian Elite Basketball League announced the results of the 2021 USports Draft. The local Edmonton Stingers made some exciting picks.

So what is the USports-CEBL draft, and how does it work?

Every year, the CEBL hosts a draft with USports players. There’s three rounds in this draft, and the order is determined based on standings from the previous season. USports players are then selected by teams in a snake draft format.

Will all these players play on the roster?

Not necessarily true. The CEBL only requires that each team have one of the players they drafted on their active game day roster. In the past, teams have opted to carry all three players in their roster, or just one. Those not included on the active roster will join the team’s “practice roster”.

Who did the Edmonton Stingers select?

Round 1 – Pick 7: Alex Carson

Alex Carson shoots a free throw – via Dalhousie Gazette

In the first round of the draft, with the 7th overall pick, the Edmonton Stingers chose 6’5 Dalhousie guard Alex Carson. Carson joins Sascha Kappos and Xavier Ochu, who were both selected last year in the draft, as the three Dalhousie Tigers players selected by Stingers GM Jermaine Small in the last two seasons. Carson is a big guard, who is only in his sophomore season, with so much room to grow. Carson averaged 17 points per game on 51% field goal percentage to go along with a strong 3.2 rebounds per game. Carson seems like the most likely choice to appear on the Stingers active roster as the first round pick.

Round 2 – Pick 8: DeAndrae Pierre

In the second round of the draft, with the 8th overall pick, the Stingers used the second of their two back-to-back picks to select York University’s 6’1 guard DeAndrae Pierre. Pierre is selected one year after his teammate Prince Kamunga was selected in the second round of the USports draft to the Edmonton Stingers. Pierre is described in a scouting report by the University as “a combo guard who attacks the rim”. Pierre, last a sophomore, averaged 11.9 points per game. Pierre could see time on the roster, but will likely be kept to the practice roster for the majority of the season, barring any injuries on the roster.

Round 3 – Pick 21: Colton Gibb

Colton Gibb via Lethbridge Pronghorns MBB

After a 13 pick break, the Stingers used the last pick in the draft to select 6’3 Lethbridge guard Colton Gibb. Gibb currently plays on Stingers GM and Coach Jermaine Small’s Lethbridge Pronghorns. Gibb, a senior, averaged 14.2 points per game as one of the more experienced players on the Pronghorns. Gibb will likely be looking to use his time with the Stingers to launch his pro career. It’s not likely we will see too much of Gibb on the Stingers, but with the uncertain situation in the world it is foolish to rule out the possibility of teams diving deep into their bench during times of need.

The talent pool is yet again looking strong for the Stingers, who have historically been a team that utilizes their USports draft picks to some extent. Don’t be surprised if you see some of these players playing meaningful minutes when the season kicks off in June.

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