Alberta Series Lacrosse announce 2021 season schedule

On June 2nd, Alberta Series Lacrosse (the re-branded name of the Sr B division) announced their modified 2021 season schedule. The announcement comes exactly a week after the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League (RMLL) cancelled their official season status but left the door open for “different return to lacrosse activities”.

The “regular season” will play from July 7 through July 31. The “playoffs” will feature all four teams that opted into the season with the Championship being awarded August 21st.

The team that opted out of the season, under RMLL rules participation is voluntary for 2021 activities, is the Edmonton Warriors.

“Unfortunately with the year it has been and how the pandemic has effected everyone differently, we were unable to get commitment from enough players to field a team for multiple individual reasons. It is disappointing, but we are happy to see a 2021 season still happening and wish all of the teams health and success this season. A lot of work has gone into this from all teams. In particular Norm Shaw our Commissioner and we thank all of them for their work.” Jordan Wheaton, Warriors Head Coach.

Opening day of the Alberta Series Lacrosse modified schedule will appropriately start with the two Northern Alberta teams (the Beaumont Outlaws and St. Albert Miners) facing each other.

“We are extremely excited to get back on the floor and get the team together with our 2020 and 2021 draft picks. It’s been a long 15 months with no Lacrosse. It will be a real treat for both fans and players alike. There really is no feeling like sitting in a hot Arena mid-august watching playoff lacrosse, we can’t wait!” Jordan Cornfield Miners General Manager

When I reached out to Beaumont Outlaws President Stu Sterparn for a comment, his initial response was perfect:

When I have a clear pic of what’s going to take place…hopefully later this evening…Still lots of logistics to work out today“.

Before that first face-off on July 7th, many logistics need to fall into place. Alberta’s “re-opening plan” needs to progress according to its lofty expectations. The progression of this plan will determine how much teams are allowed to practice and what restrictions they must abide by. The “re-opening plan” and how it fares will also dictate if these games will be allowed to have spectators.

For now, lacrosse fans have a schedule and cautious optimism. Stay tuned!

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