Edmonton Stingers Statistical Leaders

The Stingers first game in Edmonton since 2019 is mere days away. The Canadian Elite Basketball League’s 3rd season starts tomorrow when Niagara visits Ottawa (for their first ever game on their own court!)

I’ve always been a numbers guy. Feeling a little disappointed with the lack of stat info available to the public, I started collecting it on my own. Until they improve, I’ll continue to stat dump on my unofficial collection of CEBL stats (found here).

Let’s dig into some of the franchise leaders from our previous 2 seasons!

Below you’ll find the total points leaders. (Active players for the 2021 season are highlighted in yellow.)

Xavier Moon is 1 game and 16 points behind Ricky Tarrant Jr. for the All-Time points leader of the CEBL. It won’t take long for former teammateย Travis Daniels to get into the top 2 either. Kamba had a slow start to 2019, but has improved considerably since then. One other thing, Peter-McNeilly should have 291 points, but he was robbed on a BLATANT MISSED GOALTENDING CALL IN THE SUMMER SERIES FINAL (I’m still bitter about it)

Jordan Baker is a rebounding monster. He leads the CEBL in total rebounds with 231 and rebounds per game with 9.2. It’ll be difficult to average over 9 per game with new teammates Brady Skeen and Marlon Johnson, but maybe he’ll surprise us!

Moon is 2nd in total CEBL assists. Marek Klassen of the Bandits has racked up 135 in 2 seasons. Ultimate “glue-guy” Baker is approaching 100 and I expect Peter-McNeilly and Kamba to continue to climb the CEBL ranks.

Travis Daniels lead the Summer Series with 12 blocks. Unfortunately he’s taking his talents to Saskatchewan. Marlon Johnson should climb this list very quickly, and also note that Kappos had 2 blocks to crack the Stingers top 10 in limited minutes last summer.

Moon leads the CEBL with 43 total steals, he lead the CEBL in 2019 with 2.2 steals per game. This entire defense thrives on creating turnovers as Kamba, Baker and Peter-McNeilly all earn steals at a high rate as well.

Field goals stats mostly match the point totals. Moon leads the CEBL with 155 made shots, and shooting over 52% as a guard is rare to see.

Adika Peter-McNeilly has made the most 3 pointers out of anyone in a Stinger jersey with 52. Also notice that Moon makes 3’s at a clip of over 46% which is insane!

Daniels has drawn a lot of fouls with his physical play, and Moon is our best free throw shooter (he’s pissed that he isn’t over 90%) One startling stat here is how poor Kamba’s free throw shooting has been over 2 seasons. I’ll be keeping a close eye on that during his 3rd year.

The Stingers have the most wins over 2 seasons with 21. Edmonton is the class of the League and here’s why; they’re the first to 20 total wins, have never missed the playoffs, have never missed the semi-finals and of course have earned a title during that time too!

Jermaine Small has the most wins out of any CEBL Head Coach (in fewer games than Victor Raso) I look forward to watching him increase that lead.

Among the new players this season, I can really see Marlon Johnson and Brady Skeens to climb these ranks too. In the meantime, I’ll be watching last year’s highlights to feed my hoops appetite.

As always, Defend the Hive!

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