Your 5 Edmonton Prospects 2021 Returnees

Your 2021 Edmonton Prospects roster has been updated on their website. By my count there are five returnees from the 2019 season. The number is subject to change before the season is scheduled to begin on Thursday May 27th. Let’s take a look at the 5 returning players: RP Scott Gillespie, 15 games played (GP),Continue reading “Your 5 Edmonton Prospects 2021 Returnees”

Checking in with Edmonton Prospects AGM/Head Coach Jordan Blundell

In 2007 Jordan Blundell coached the then named St. Albert Prospects for one season.  Twelve years later Blundell, who already had the role of Assistant General Manager, stepped back behind the bench adding Head Coach to his roles. No matter his role or title, if you spend anytime with Mr. Blundell you will surely hearContinue reading “Checking in with Edmonton Prospects AGM/Head Coach Jordan Blundell”

Going back to 2012, my first ever Edmonton Prospects Game recap

As a fan, you probably remember your first live sporting event. As a writer, my first memories of covering a live event happen in 2012 when the Edmonton Prospects moved into John Ducey Park aka Telus Field aka Re/Max Field. The Prospects website has a wonderful “team history tab” detailing their existence beginning in 2005.Continue reading “Going back to 2012, my first ever Edmonton Prospects Game recap”