“Pay It Forward With Football” Events

Thursday March 11th you have an option to join an online event. “Pay It Forward With Football” will be holding the virtual event featuring their new ambassador Calvin McCarty. As per their Facebook post shared above, if you are interested in joining the virtual meet and greet, respond to their post or send them aContinue reading ““Pay It Forward With Football” Events”

The illogicality of sports fandom

Illogicality – “the quality of not being reasonable, wise, or practical” per the Cambridge dictionary. A funny example of illogicality is the toilet paper debate. Whether the roll is facing front or back or simply placed on top of something, the tickets back to cleanville work exactly the same way yet people argue. A specific example in sports fandom ofContinue reading “The illogicality of sports fandom”

I wonder if Commonwealth Stadium misses me too?

Turning the calendar page from 2020 to 2021 did not auto-correct the world. Ever the optimist, this sports fan hopes that as the spring flowers bloom, the plethora of Edmonton sports teams will be able to return to play in front of a percentage of their regular fan base. Let’s check in on one teamContinue reading “I wonder if Commonwealth Stadium misses me too?”