Catching up with Sean MacDonell

With Ginga Ninja Dirt Promotions transitioning out of Castrol Raceway’s Dirt Oval Track and Allwest Powersports preparing to move in, I felt the need to tie up a loose end. In the article announcing the transition,  the Ginga Ninja himself said the following about his 360 Sprint Car racer son: “Sean was going to beContinue reading “Catching up with Sean MacDonell”

Allwest Powersports, the new Ginga Ninja of Castrol Raceway’s Dirt Oval Track

On October 8, Ron MacDonell of Ginga Ninja Dirt Promotions announced that 2020 was his last season promoting the Dirt Oval races at Castrol Raceway. On January 19th, he introduced to us the company that will be taking over the reigns: “Allwest Powersports will be the new promoter for the 2021 Season…Ginga Ninja will beContinue reading “Allwest Powersports, the new Ginga Ninja of Castrol Raceway’s Dirt Oval Track”

August 8th Ginga Ninja Tickets Go On Sale Tonight!

The next Ginga Ninja Nite Thunder event is being held Saturday August 8th at Castrol Raceway. Ginga Ninja Dirt Promotions is an oval dirt track racing event featuring Late Models, Extreme Sportsman Sprints, NAMS Mini Stocks, 600 CC Micro Sprints, NSA 360 Sprints. It’s okay if you do not know what those car types are,Continue reading “August 8th Ginga Ninja Tickets Go On Sale Tonight!”