Allwest Powersports Statement on Castrol Raceway Dirt Track Oval Events

“Allwest Powersports looks to proceed with the dirt oval track schedule at Castrol Raceway this summer. It will be wait and see what the government protocols are. We might lose some race dates but keep May 29th and 30th circled on your calendars. Phase 3 would have allowed race teams in the pit area andContinue reading “Allwest Powersports Statement on Castrol Raceway Dirt Track Oval Events”

Allwest Powersports Announces 2021 Dirt Oval Race Schedule

Ed Wiersma of Allwest Powersports, the new promoter of the dirt oval race track at Castrol Raceway, proudly presents racing fans with the 2021 “Nite Thunder” schedule. There are five weekends on the schedule for a total of ten race nights. Each race night is set to feature at least five different classes of raceContinue reading “Allwest Powersports Announces 2021 Dirt Oval Race Schedule”

Catching up with Sean MacDonell

With Ginga Ninja Dirt Promotions transitioning out of Castrol Raceway’s Dirt Oval Track and Allwest Powersports preparing to move in, I felt the need to tie up a loose end. In the article announcing the transition,  the Ginga Ninja himself said the following about his 360 Sprint Car racer son: “Sean was going to beContinue reading “Catching up with Sean MacDonell”