Edmonton Prospects Update With Jordan Blundell

Since the March 25th announcement by the Western Canadian Baseball League (WCBL) that they would be going “All-Canadian”, our Edmonton Prospects have made no player announcements. The Club has auctioned off some sweet swag through their Facebook Auctions page but stayed quiet on all other fronts. The baseball fan in me finds everything about that openingContinue reading “Edmonton Prospects Update With Jordan Blundell”

Canadian College Baseball Conference 2021 Spring Season Cancelled

The Edmonton Collegiate Trappers (ECBC) are your representing team in the Canadian College Baseball Conference (CCBC). On the evening of Saturday April 24th, the league announced that the 2021 spring season has been cancelled. The league had previously cancelled the 2020 season for effectively the same reason as Alberta is still in the grips ofContinue reading “Canadian College Baseball Conference 2021 Spring Season Cancelled”

Guesstimate: May Long Weekend will disappoint local sports fans

May Long Weekend, May 22nd through May 24th, is a weekend of such promise for so many walks of life. If you are an avid gardener, that’s the weekend earmarked for your planting. If you are a camper, whether for the wilderness or the wobbly pops,  your friends already know that you plan to leaveContinue reading “Guesstimate: May Long Weekend will disappoint local sports fans”