Erin And Brett Oor, Dad And Son Outlaws

Sometimes the script writes itself. When Stu Sterparn, the President of the Sr B Beaumont Outlaws Lacrosse Club, started his description of 2020 draft pick Brett Oor with, “has basically been on the Outlaws draft radar since birth, his father Erin was a long time Edmonton Outlaw and Presidents Cup winner in 02″, I immediatelyContinue reading “Erin And Brett Oor, Dad And Son Outlaws”

Catching Up With The Sr B Beaumont Outlaws Lacrosse Club

On June 1st, the seemingly inevitable news came from the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League (RMLL) that the 2020 season has been cancelled. How does one put a positive spin on that? This means we all have a year to get better acquainted with the three Edmonton and area Senior B teams and our one JuniorContinue reading “Catching Up With The Sr B Beaumont Outlaws Lacrosse Club”