Impact FC UWS, Building Through Captaincy

You are tasked with building a team from scratch, how do you proceed? Welcome to the task at hand for United Women’s Soccer (UWS) expansion club the St. Albert Impact, more commonly referred to as Impact FC UWS. The Impact FC UWS, began the process by hiring two-time UWS Coach of the Year Troye FlanneryContinue reading “Impact FC UWS, Building Through Captaincy”

Impact FC UWS now up to 10 players on inaugural roster

It is okay if your first question is who is Impact FC UWS. Today, January 24, is their 18th day birthday. Impact FC is a women’s soccer team born of the St. Albert Soccer Association (SASA). UWS stands for United Women’s Soccer which is the league they play in. The UWS was founded in 2015Continue reading “Impact FC UWS now up to 10 players on inaugural roster”

Who are the Impact FC UWS?

The simple question in the title has three elements to it. The overlooked element might be the fact not everyone associates “FC” with its traditional meaning of “football club”…and by “football club”, I mean soccer team. So who are the Impact FC UWS? The UWS acronym stands for United Women’s Soccer League. The following isContinue reading “Who are the Impact FC UWS?”