Tuesday February 23rd was a busy day for FC Edmonton

A Facebook memory of mine from three years ago was about the fan movement to bring FC Edmonton out of dormancy and into the Canadian Premier League (CPL). Yesterday showed just how far the Club has come. The day began with the CPL proudly announcing that ten players in the league were named to Canada’sContinue reading “Tuesday February 23rd was a busy day for FC Edmonton”

Updated look at the FC Edmonton Roster

On Boxing Day, we ran a story with the six FC Edmonton players that were publicly announced as officially signed for the 2021 campaign. Two more players have since officially joined Paris Gee, Kyle Porter, Fraser Aird, Chance Carter, Antony Caceres and Marcus Velado-Tsegaye on the roster. Welcome back Jeannot Esua and Easton Ongaro! TheContinue reading “Updated look at the FC Edmonton Roster”

An Unofficial look at the FC Edmonton roster

New FC Edmonton General Manager Eric Newendorp gave Eddies fans a few early Christmas presents announcing a trio of player transactions. New Eddies coach Alan Koch is now tasked with turning these presents into a presence at Clarke Stadium for the 2021 Canadian Premier League (CPL) season. Latest Acquisitions: Paris Gee – “He’s certainly aContinue reading “An Unofficial look at the FC Edmonton roster”