Naming woes, a hard name to spell, UWS signing

Naming Woes A not so crazy conspiracy theory – the Edmonton Football Team mindfully released their list of potential new team names the day before the Canadian Football League (CFL) free agency period officially started. This way, in case the team names were not well received, the Club could distract fans with their new playerContinue reading “Naming woes, a hard name to spell, UWS signing”

Welcome to Edmonton Thomas Gardner and Jackson Farmer

The Canadian Premier League (CPL) held their CPL-U SPORTS draft on Friday January 29th. The CPL Wooden Spoon winner (slang for team that finished last in the previous season) is awarded the first overall pick in the draft. With that choice, FC Edmonton selected Thomas Gardner. Draft picks snaked for the second and final round,Continue reading “Welcome to Edmonton Thomas Gardner and Jackson Farmer”

FC Edmonton Roster Update, pondering what’s next?

With three more players signed this past week, FC Edmonton is now up to 16 officially signed players. Let’s review last week’s signings per their Twitter announcements: Connor James. ๐Ÿงค He's back. ๐Ÿ‡ That's the tweet!#CanPL | @FCEdmontonNow — OneSoccer (@onesoccer) January 11, 2021 FC Edmonton has re-signed Allan Zebie to a contract forContinue reading “FC Edmonton Roster Update, pondering what’s next?”