It’s Nice To Need A Sports Calendar Again

Slowly but surely sports are returning. The packed stadiums and arenas are still on hold as their is an AHS mandate declaring 100 fans max for indoor events, and 200 max for outdoor sporting events. Soon though, there will be sports on CBC, TSN and Sportsnet that feature Edmonton teams playing in real time. TheContinue reading “It’s Nice To Need A Sports Calendar Again”

Learning More About Dirt Track Sprint Car Racing With Sean MacDonell

My introduction to the world of car racing came via an interview with the Ginga Ninja, Ron MacDonell. In that article Ron references his son Sean a couple times.┬áSean MacDonell’s numerous accolades are listed in the cover photo to this article. In the quest to continue learning about car racing, specifically dirt track sprint carContinue reading “Learning More About Dirt Track Sprint Car Racing With Sean MacDonell”

Ginga Ninja – Ron MacDonell

It is difficult as a casual sports fan to find results from any of the recent events from Castrol Raceway without going to their specific web pages. You will not see the results on a “ticker” at the bottom of a sports station and I cannot ever recall hearing about the winners and losers watchingContinue reading “Ginga Ninja – Ron MacDonell”