FC Edmonton Roster Update, pondering what’s next?

With three more players signed this past week, FC Edmonton is now up to 16 officially signed players. Let’s review last week’s signings per their Twitter announcements: Connor James. ๐Ÿงค He's back. ๐Ÿ‡ That's the tweet!#CanPL | @FCEdmontonNow pic.twitter.com/MLLaqjKuUm — OneSoccer (@onesoccer) January 11, 2021 FC Edmonton has re-signed Allan Zebie to a contract forContinue reading “FC Edmonton Roster Update, pondering what’s next?”

Three (Obvious?) Questions With FC Edmonton’s Jeff Paulus

FC Edmonton and the Canadian Premier League (CPL) are still unsure if there is going to be a 2020 season. To be fair, the CPL is not the only league still in limbo. Three of the most established leagues in North America -the NHL, MLB and NBA- will all be past the four month markContinue reading “Three (Obvious?) Questions With FC Edmonton’s Jeff Paulus”

A Casual Chat With FC Edmonton Coach And General Manager Jeff Paulus

The sport of soccer, as any sport, has levels of fans. We recently looked at the Supporters Group level which is loud and proud all the time. You also have your knowledgeable base of fans. The ones who know all the players names and can specifically tell you which of the players is excelling orContinue reading “A Casual Chat With FC Edmonton Coach And General Manager Jeff Paulus”