Mid-February FC Edmonton Check-in (and who is seemingly checking out)

With the recent signings of Tomas Giraldo and Tobias Warschewski, FC Edmonton’s 2021 roster is now at 19 “standard contracts” plus their two draft picks in Thomas Gardner and Jackson Farmer. The cover photo supplied by Martikinen Sugar Fingers Siembiwskiey shows an unofficial depth chart as a visual aid for Eddies fans. In case youContinue reading “Mid-February FC Edmonton Check-in (and who is seemingly checking out)”

An Unofficial look at the FC Edmonton roster

New FC Edmonton General Manager Eric Newendorp gave Eddies fans a few early Christmas presents announcing a trio of player transactions. New Eddies coach Alan Koch is now tasked with turning these presents into a presence at Clarke Stadium for the 2021 Canadian Premier League (CPL) season. Latest Acquisitions: Paris Gee – “He’s certainly aContinue reading “An Unofficial look at the FC Edmonton roster”